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Minority Report

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    playstation 2

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     Treyarch Invention, LLC

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    beat'em up 

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     1 Player

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Based on the 2002 Steven Spielberg-directed movie starring Tom Cruise, Minority Report takes players through a dystopian future in the role of a PreCrime Police Officer. Instead of upholding the law, however, players are running from it after being wrongly accused of murder. Through the remainder of this third-person action-adventure, players must elude capture and prove their innocence by finding the person or persons responsible for the act. Featured locales from the movie have been re-created for use in the game, and players will be able to fight a variety of potential threats using an assortment of gadgets and weapons as seen in the summer film.

While Minority Report is based on locations, characters, and events from the 2002 blockbuster film, a new character model for lead John Anderton replaces the likeness of film star Tom Cruise. Although featuring many similarities to the film (certain action sequences, weapons), the game contains a new adventure in Pre-Crime.

Following yet another Spielberg classic, Minority Report puts players in the role of movie hero and Precrime Officer John Anderton in an all-new adventure as he attempts to prove his innocence while uncovering an insidious conspiracy. Duplicating scenes from the film's fantasy futuristic environments, the Big Brother-style game world of spy cameras and retina scanners is quite refreshing, gorgeous to look at, and accurately represents the source novel's (written by Philip K Dick, sci-fi fans) vision of future Earth.

With a large amount of action-based gameplay, Minority Report's primary game style is that of a third-person beat-em-up, albeit with a few rather potent weapons. Battling both human and robotic enemies with an explosive arsenal, riot shotguns are a standard in this future world, but if you choose, you can engage in close range hand-to-hand combat to conserve ammunition. And when you inadvertently step onto the wrong side of the law, your skills in combat will prove invaluable to your progress. Proving your innocence is hard when your future crime has already been seen.

Players will travel some 40 levels of the future world, and with a full range of cinematic action abilities and a hyper-realistic rigid-body physics system, players will be able to vault over barricades, throw enemies through plate glass windows and don Jet Packs to fly through environments and avoid pursuers. Although Minority Report is closely related to the film, it does offer several innovative features of its own. It was a book, then a film. Now it's a game, and a good one at that.

Based on Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated futuristic thriller, Minority Report™ is the only game that lets the player relive the movie experience, combining hand-to-hand combat and futuristic weapons and devices straight out of the movie. Players assume the role of the movie’s hero, PreCrime Officer John Anderton, in an all-new adventure as he attempts to stop an insidious conspiracy from finalizing their evil plans. Players use a combination of hand-to-hand combat tactics and firepower as they journey through 15 futuristic levels of sci-fi cinematic action/adventure. Innovative gameplay features, multiple endings and non-stop action create outstanding suspense and dynamic replayability.



2054 - You are Precrime Officer John Anderton, head of an elite police division that can predict and apprehend murderers before their crime can be committed. Anderton thought the system was perfect - until it came after him. Now you're on the run, fighting for your life through over 40 action-packed level. Take on human and robotic enemies with hand-to-hand combat moves and an explosive arsenal of weapons as you attempt to clear your name and stop an insidious conspiracy before it's too late.

Relive the movie experience in an all-new adventure.

Take on human and robotic enemies using hand-to-hand combat, tactics and firepower.

Non-stop cinematic action/adventure with futuristic weapons and devices straight out of the movie.

Buy new moves, health and weapons on the black market.



  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCIFI, Futuristic & Crime themes.