Medal of Honor - En Premiere Ligne

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  • Piattaforma:

    playstation 2

  • Sviluppatore:

     DreamWorks Interactive

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     Electronic Arts

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    first-person shooter

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     1 Player

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Lt. Jimmy Patterson battles through dangerous first-person missions across enemy territory in Medal of Honor: Frontline, the series' first release for the PlayStation 2. Amidst the confusion that followed the Operation Market-Garden offensive (September 1944), the hero must infiltrate the German frontline to steal the HO-IX -- an experimental Nazi weapon that could turn the tide of the war. The game's campaign is made up of five main missions of rescue, infiltration, and sabotage, each consisting of at least three levels of action.

As in other games in the Medal of Honor series, developers have gone to notable lengths to make the various elements of this release as authentic as possible. Missions are all based on actual events and the wide selection of weapons is appropriate to the setting. The game strives to create a World War II-era ambiance and was designed with the assistance of the Smithsonian's HO-IX expert Russ Lee. Capt. Dale Dye returns as technical consultant and developers worked with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to help ensure that this game "reflects the ideals and integrity" suggested by its title.

* First PS2 release in the acclaimed PlayStation and PC series
* Take the role of tough-as-nails lieutenant Jimmy Patterson
* Crucial missions of espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines
* Developed with WWII historians and military experts for gritty authenticity


You don't play, you VOLUNTEER.

Armed to the Teeth with 18 Authentic WWII Weapons
Outgun Hundreds of Nazi Soldiers
Fight Alongside Battle-Hardened Allies

Master OSS Training
Penetrate Enemy Strongholds
Outsmart Highly-Trained SS Officers

19 Deadly Missions From Overlord to Market-Garden
Storm the Beaches of Normandy
Seize the Nijmegen Bridge
Infiltrate a Secret Weapons Facility
Sabotage German U-Boats
Stow Away on a Speeding Armored Train
Hijack the Nazi's Experimental Ho-IX Jet Plane
Defeat the Nazi War Machine

  • First person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • World War II theme.