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Cold Fear

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    playstation 2

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    survival horror

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     1 Player

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Cold Fear is a survival-horror game with an emphasis on action, featuring both adventure-style puzzle-solving and first-person shooting. The game's story begins far offshore in the Bering Sea, on an apparently abandoned Russian whaler. In the role of a U.S. Coast Guard officer, players set out to investigate the ship and step aboard a high-seas nightmare.

It turns out that the ship has not been abandoned -- yet many of those who remain on board have not remained completely human. Cold Fear is the sophomore release by Darkworks, whose first published game was Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2001), the fourth title in the genre-founding Alone in the Dark series.

A team from the Coast Guard boards a nameless Russian Whaler lost in a storm. Little do they know that a team of CIA operatives tried to do the same shortly before, all of them ending up dead. Within minutes, the entire Coast Guard team shares their fate, except one person, veteran USCG Tom Hansen. Now it's up to him to discover which kind of creatures wiped out his mates. Are there any survivors? What happened aboard this vessel? How does its recent visit to the Russian scientific drilling platform "Star of Sakhalin" fit in?

* Eliminate your enemies through the use of a dozen traps and seven powerful weapons
* Soundtrack features Marily Manson's "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth"
* Use "Advanced Moves" to defeat enemies and to survive the harsh environment


Sounds the depths of terror

In the theroes of a ferocious arctic storm distress signals are sent from a seemingly abandoned russian whaler. as coast guard veteran tom hansen you board to investigate and discover unthinkable horrors lurking beneath the sheips bloodstained decks.

Unleash a torrent of weapons-create fatal traps and use shotguns,flames throwers or any object you can find to survive.

Keep your bearings-battle against increasingly mutated enemies in treacherous un stable environments.

Brave drangerous waters-rocked by huge breakers you must steady your nerves and aim to evade a watery grave.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCIFI, Horror & Mystery themes.