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10.000 Bullets

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    playstation 2

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     Blue Moon

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     1 Player

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Enter the world of Crow and Judas, professional hit men who handle all the "dirty work" for the Tonio Family, a powerful crime syndicate based in Rome, Italy. Having lost his mother at a young age, the aimless Crow was taken in by Papa Tonio, and was raised to serve the syndicate as one of its members. For his entire life, Crow had only one goal in mind: to avenge his mother‘s death. He also possessed a secret power. The power of "Gunslinger": who could foresee the future.

With his powers and determination for revenge, Crow matured to became the finest hit man in town. Though understandably a loner, Crow eventually found himself a friend in Judas, a fugitive from France. Judas taught Crow how to “manipulate the trigger like a pro”.

FEATURES: - Control four deadly "Gunslingers" such as Crow, Alice, Dragon and Boris - Enhance your sense, feel the "Bullet time", froze the time and master all the special tecniques - Each Gunslinger has it‘s own ability path fully customizable an upgradable - Furious full-action-shooting-adventure trought an impressive sets of scenarios

Director Yoshitaka Murayama (Genso Suikoden) and character designer Ryouji Minagawa (Spriggan, ARMS) were apparently heavily influenced by the Wachowski brothers' Matrix. The duo builds bullet-time theatrics and acrobatic gun fighting in their new collaboration that looks fairly spectacular although the camera occasionally botches things up by not giving a full view of the action and off-screen enemies. The two main heroes in the game also drape trench coats but only one sports shades. Even at night.

In 10000 Bullets (Tsuikyo ni Saraba), players take control of an underworld assassin named Crow who goes on a mission to avenge his mother's death. Crow's special gift is the ability to slow the stream of time (Press the TRIANGLE button to activate) in such a way as to reduce the speed of bullets to a crawl. Once time has been slowed, Crow may duck, dodge, and sidestep bullets and other objects to avoid them while firing off retaliatory attacks. Crow may also move into position for a close counterattack in the midst of stepping out of harm's way. In some sequences, a fierce criss-cross of bullets will be fired at Crow but his special gift reduces the danger to child's play.

Other playable characters in the game include two femme fatales, a Bruce Lee clone, and fellow assassin Judas.



Enter Crow and Judas, professional hit men who handle all the "dirty work" for the Tonio family, a powerful crime syndicate based in Rome, Italy.

Use the Bullet Time Feature, pay attemption to the Gun gauge!.

Replenish Gun Gauge with Combo Attacks, go for Critical Shots!

Special Skills allows the characters to perform superhuman feats of strength.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Crime Syndicates, SCIFI & Anime themes.