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 Total Eclipse Turbo

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    playstation 1

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     Beam Software

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     Crystal Dynamics, Inc

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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Total Eclipse is a space shooter for the 3DO. It was later ported to the PlayStation under the title Total Eclipse Turbo. The game was copyrighted in 1993 but not made available to the public until January 1994, leading some sources to mistakenly list its release date as 1993. A sequel, Solar Eclipse, was released exclusively for the Sega Saturn.

In Total Eclipse Turbo, gamers must defend Earth's sun from an invading band of baddies knows as the Dras-sai. To be successful in your mission, players must navigate their character through four objective and 20 rounds of alien annihilating action. Players may blast on the enemy aliens with weapons including plasma bombs and a handful of blasters.

Earth is attacked by an aggressive alien race known as the Drak-Sai. The aliens use their powerful weapon, the Sun Dagger, to initiate a supernova in the sun. The player must pilot his ship across four planets and ultimately destroy the Sun Dagger to prevent further destruction.

The game is played in a third person, behind-the-player perspective as the player's ship flies a predefined path across each level. The player is free to maneuver around to dodge obstacles and attack enemies, but the course for each level is fixed.

Gameplay is divided into two phases, surface and tunnel.

In surface mode, the player flies over 3D heightmapped terrain, avoiding slamming into mountains and obstacles.

In tunnel mode, the player flies through a 3D tunnel, avoiding mechanical traps such as large moving doors and twisting passageways.

Each game level is divided into four stages, where each stage can contain multiple surface and tunnel phases. Each level (planet) has its own color scheme, scenery, hazards, and background music. The fourth stage of each level is distinguished by a different background song than the previous three, and ends with a fight against a large enemy boss.

Take on the enemy with plasma bombs, blasters, and other weaponry
Work your way through 4 missions and 20 stages of single-player combat
Save Earth and the Sun from the evil plans of the Dras-sai

  Manufacturer's description:

The More You Kill, The Better You Feel!

It's the Earth's Stellar Guard against the alien Drak-sai. Now's the time to strap in and set the skies on fire! Blistering bombs explode; shields buckle but hold. Your reflexes better be faster than theirs; 'cause there's trouble over every mountain, and in every tunnel.

Bury the stick in a snap roll. Scream through 20 rounds of non-stop destruction and killer 3D texture-mapped terrains. Save Game feature allows time for refueling. Space sickness bags not included.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Racing themes.