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 Star Wars - Rebel Assault II

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    playstation 1

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     Factor 5

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     Erbe Software / Lucasarts

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_00644 & SLES_106.44

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Rebel pilot called Rookie One destroyed the Death Star, thwarting the plans of Darth Vader and the Empire against the Rebel Alliance. But Vader wants revenge. Since the crushing defeat, the Dark Lord of the Sith has had his engineers developing a new threat to the Alliance -- one that just might crush it once and for all.

As the sequel to Star Wars: Rebel Assault (available on PC and Sega CD), Star Wars: Rebel Assault II -- The Hidden Empire once again pits you as Rookie One as he aims to play hero of the Alliance for a second time. His adventures will take him through 15 stages of action that includes several styles of play. Along the way, he'll even team up with his old friend Ru Murleen as they work together to end Vader's plans. Don't expect appearances from other Star Wars movie characters, though. This game is totally independent of the films' continuity, its only recognizable characters being Vader, plus brief appearances by Emperor Palpatine and Admiral Ackbar.

Rookie One begins his quest in command of a B-wing as he navigates the Dreighton Triangle, a legendary place where ships have mysteriously disappeared for the past 40 years; most recently, three Rebel X-wings. Here, he'll blast away at TIEs, which he'll also do later (along with dodging a few asteroids and other obstacles) in other types of ships, like an X-wing, Y-wing, and even a secret new Imperial vessel. He also must proceed through challenging courses while piloting a Millennium Falcon-like Corellian freighter, training how to fly a TIE figher, and whizzing by on a speeder bike through a swampy planet.

Aside from flying a variety of vessels, Rookie One will also face Stormtroopers with his trusty blaster in hand. To truly replicate the experience, you have the option to operate a light gun for these missions instead of aiming with a standard controller.

In between each mission, you'll view a live-action cut-scene to help move the story along. This footage represents the first newly recorded Star Wars-related material since 1985's television movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

  Manufacturer's description:

A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY... This completely original chapter in the Star Wars saga offers breakthrough technology in graphics and an entirely new storyline. Experience the most exhilarating and interactive space combat in this or any galaxy.


  • First & Third persons perspectives
  • 3D graphics
  • Prerendered graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.