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    playstation 1

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     Grey Matter

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     ASC Games

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    beat'em up 

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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Captain Blake Hunter is one tough character; he's a top agent in the Earth Command Defense Forces and one heck of a martial artist. Though he knows no fear, he must prepare himself for the fight of a lifetime -- alone. One day, Hunter was mysteriously transported to unknown regions of an alien universe. As Hunter, you'll explore five alien moons crawling with deadly critters and uncharted territory.

As a third-person fighting adventure, Perfect Weapon has loads of martial arts maneuvers to master, aliens to destroy and options to select. Each moon has specific alien organisms and terrain -- whereas the sub-arctic Ice Moon is crawling with savage Icemen and the ferocious Alopex, the Proteus Moon features genetically altered mutants in a technological setting. Other moons include the Garden Moon complete with Shaolin Monks, a Forest Moon and the blazingly hot Desert Moon; there's well over 1,300 rendered environments in which to interact! Additionally, you'll fight over 20 unique alien races throughout the adventure.

While the main focus of gameplay is fighting, there is some exploration and adventuring elements included. When there's no enemies around, you can do one of three things: take a gander at your surroundings, relax your body, or practice new maneuvers. Practicing the moves is highly important for succession and the destruction of alien bad guys. Hunter's moves include a devastating scissors and sweep kick, various punches and grabs, tackles, throws, and a ferocious roundhouse combination; there are over 100 martial arts maneuvers to master.

Located throughout the moons are helpful items including keys to unlocked doors, health pickups, and a map beacon that displays one quarter of the current map area. There's also a detector that reveals hidden items, power gloves that increase Hunter's damage, a transmitter that disables lasers and protective armor useful in battle. After picking up any given icon, you'll want to access the inventory screen in order to use the item. Be careful, though -- he can only carry four items at once.

Perfect Weapon also features a screen navigator that points you in the right direction and locates alien critters. There are three difficulty settings (easy, normal, and perfect) with options for sound effects, sound testing, music, controller configurations, and credits. You can either save your game to a PlayStation memory card or utilize the password feature.

Captain Blake Hunter will be put to the test as never before...get ready to rumble.

* Take the role of Captain Blake Hunter and defeat the enemy with a swift scissor kick to the face
* Work your way through numerous environments spread over five different levels of combat
* Be the Perfect Weapon and take out 20 different alien attackers

  Manufacturer's description:


"I have reviewed over 1,000 games and have never seen anything like Perfect Weapon."
Lawrence Neves, Senior Editor Game Pro

"Perfect Weapon may very well end up as one of the most unique and exciting products to hit the PlayStation this year!"
Greg Off, Editor-In-Chief, PS Extreme

4 lethal alien attackers can gang-up on you using FIRST and ONLY Behavioral Artificial Intelligence.

Take on 20 merciless alien species with over 100 martial arts moves.

Explore over 1,300 rendered environments across five hostile worlds.

Camera angles move as fast as you do.

Survival lies cloaked in deception...


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Fantasy & Futuristic themes.