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    playstation 1

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     Crystal Dynamics, Inc

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     BMG Interactive Entertainment

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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While playing with an ancient spellbook, Nikki, a disillusioned acrobat, and Fargus, the jester, inadvertently unleash a demon upon the kingdom. The task now falls upon them to undo their mistake, which can only be fixed by finding the Wishing Engine and obtaining a much sought-after wish. Such is the premise for Pandemonium!, a platform romp from Crystal Dynamics. Commonly referred to as 2.5D, the game plays out in much the same vein as titles like Klonoa, in that while the gameworld and its denizens are rendered in 3D, the player is restricted to a two-dimensional plane that veers into and out of the screen in a pre-determined fashion.

Before each level, players are able to choose to play as either Nikki or Fargus, each of whom possesses unique abilities. The former is capable of performing a double-jump, while the latter can perform a roll attack -- moves which will prove helpful in dispatching the enemies that stand in their way. Additionally, power-ups can be obtained that will allow the characters to wield various magic projectiles. At certain points, each character is also capable of transforming into a dragon or frog, among a handful of other creatures.

While navigating the 18 levels, each of which is home to an array of outlandish creatures, insects, and other such enemies, players will need to jump over chasms and obstacles that litter their path. Scattered throughout the levels are coins that will reward the player with an extra life once 300 of them are obtained. Nikki and Fargus are only capable of surviving a handful of hits, but their health can be replenished by collecting hearts strewn throughout the worlds. Eventually, both characters will be capable of sustaining significant damage before succumbing to their injuries.

* Play as Nikki the acrobat or Fargus the jester.
* Traverse 18 levels, fighting hordes of enemies and facing off against massive boss creatures.
* Collect coins to earn extra lives and power-ups to aid you in your journey

  Manufacturer's description:


# The fastest-paced 3D character action game!
# Endorphin overload! Freestyle 3D camera action showcases the huge, brilliantly detailed 3D worlds.
# Starring the acrobatic team of Nikki, Fargus and a demented puppet-on-a-stick named Sid.
# Tons of variety! Shape-change from a bull-dozing rhino to a fire-blasting dragon.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy themes.