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 ODT - Escape or Die Trying

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    playstation 1

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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As you finish off the disgusting mangled monster, you are reminded of your search for the pearl that you're after. As you run down the corridor, you see another atrocious monster. You start to blast away again, using your ammo carefully; the flash of blue light from your gun illuminates the walls around you. The enemy falls to the ground and you stop firing. You slowly lower your weapon while standing in the dark corridor, getting ready to face your next challenge. A grave thought crosses your mind: "The whole city is depending on me; I must succeed, or die trying."

Enter the world of O.D.T.. Face more than 40 unique enemies, with "artificial stupidity". The game features eight different levels with at least seven sectors each. Each of the levels has its own feel, traps, enemies and huge bosses. The action packed, free roaming 3D areas stream together seamlessly. There are four interesting characters as which to play and each has his or her own special physical abilities. There are also 16 spells to learn and four deadly weapons, each with nine power levels. You must get the pearl, "Or Die Trying" O.D.T.

  Manufacturer's description:

Find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of mystery, magic and mayhem. Fight your way through incredible, multi-leveled, 3D worlds while searching for a magical, green pearl that will help save millions from decimation. With hand-to-hand combat, devastating weapon power and some amazing magic spells, ODT leads you deep into a mysterious tower full of hideous enemies and hidden dangers-it gets tough but there's no turning back!

  • 4 compelling characters to play, each with unique attributes including weapon control, magic ability, physical strength, and combat experience
  • 16 spells to learn and four deadly weapons
  • 70 sectors to explore, complete with unique ambience, traps and more than 40 enemies
  • Fast and intuitive gameplay giving a heightened sense of realism and continuous action

  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.