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 NHL Blades of Steel 2000

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    playstation 1

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    ice hockey

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     1 or 2 Players

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    n / a
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Designed to recall the spirit of its classic NES namesake more than the actual gameplay of that 8-bit title, this release from Konami features real-life NHL teams and players rendered in 3D for an authentic pro hockey experience. PS gamers take sophisticated control over passes and shots, setting up the plays, breakaways, and one-timers that could make all the difference between winning the cup and losing the edge. A detailed system for fighting is also included, for those times when the pros feel obliged to seek retaliation outside of the regular rules of the game.

The game modes featured include an Exhibition mode, Season, and Playoffs. Options include setting the difficulty level ( either Rookie, Pro, or All-Star) of the computer opponent and another option specifically for the difficulty of the opposing goalie, length of each period (5,10, or 20 minutes), length of the overtime period (either 5 minutes or sudden death), turning on or off penalties, off-sides, icing, two line passes, fighting, fatigue, and injuries. Referees can be set to either be lenient, normal, or strict when officiating the game. Also line changes and control of the goalie can be set to either be automatic or manual. Finally their is an option to either have the game be a 4-on-4 or a 5-on-5 contest during the overtime period.

Some moves during the game that players can perform is that they can pass, steal, take wrist shots, slap shots, and throw body checks. Also, the game offers several different camera viewpoints (TV, Chase, Move, Top, On Ice, Normal 1, 2, and 3, Active 1 and 2, plus Scoreboard 1 and 2) when viewing the action.

In the season mode, players can set the number of games to be played to either be 7, 41 or 82 games. Playoffs can be set to either be a one game affair, or expanded to either be a best-of-three, five or seven game series. During the season, team and free-agent players also can be traded. Also, this mode features full statistical tracking.

Randy Hahn is on hand to deliver the play-by-play commentary.

Modes of play include Exhibition, Season and Playoff
Create up to 32 of your own players
Supports the PlayStation Multi-Tap for up to eight players

  Manufacturer's description:

Haunting Goalies Since 1990.

In the NHL, where players are a blur and goalies put up brick walls, it's hard to dominate, Jaromir Jagr's been doing it for almost a decade with blinding speed and a non-stop highlight reel of moves, NHL Blades of Steel 2000 is Jagr in a box, Open it up, Give goalies nightmares.

ALL NEW AI modeled after textbook NHL hockey
ALL NEW eye-popping player graphics
Countless team and player stats give you the complete book on the NHL
Innovative camera angeles put you right in the action


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Ice Hockey theme.