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 Nagano Winter Olympics '98

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    playstation 1

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    winter olympics

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     1 or 2 Players

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Nagano Winter Olympics 98 is a follow up to Konami's briliant International Track & Field. With more than thirteen events including speed skating short track 500 and 1000m, speed skating 1500 and 500m, Alpine Skiing Downhill and Giant Slalom, Aerial, Curling, Ski Jump, Bobsled, Luge Snowboard and Alpine Skiing Super G. Luckily the game supports multi tap allowing for up to four players to take up competition head on and the game was made to be easily picked up by casual gamers.

Challenge mode: In the Challenge Mode, any of the 13 events can be played over as many times as you desire. If you set a new record, the score is saved as a personal best record on the records screen.

Olympics mode: The 13 events can be played in any order you like, Each event is cleared by meeting or exceeding the qualifying score/time. New high scores can be recorded on the Memory Card as Olympic records.


Alpyne Skiing:
Downhill 2,923 Meters: It's a race against time, but you must pass through all the gates on your way to the goal. Ski in a crouch to increase your speed.
Super-G 2,423 Meters: In this event, you must strike a balance between speed and technique. Take the most C.'> direct course for a better time!
Giant Slalom 1,487 Meters: This complex course is full of variation and demands a high degree of turning skill. Quick turns are the key to victory.

Snowboarding: The Giant Slalom of snowboarding requires turning agility and balance. Make the most of your -C turning techniques and push yourself to the limit The course length is 936 meters,

Speedskating 500 Meters: The race length is one lap around the track plus 100 meters. Players in command of their cornering will be in command of the world!
Speedskating 1,500 Meters: The race length is three laps around the track plus 300 meters. Pacing yourself is the key to winning this event.

Short Track: In short track you compete directly against other skaters, with the first person to reach the finish line the winner.

Bobsleigh: Shave off as much time as possible with a fast starting sprint, smooth boarding, and skillful steering!

Luge: Experience the thrill of speeds up to 130 kph! Finishing times may differ by only 1/1000 seconds and winning depends on your steering dexterity.

Ski Jumping: A good take-off angle is the key to a good jump.

Curling: Manipulate the stone into the center of the "house" with advanced throwing control and sweeping. Note that sweeping makes the stone travel further along the course. Curling is a competition between teams, high score wins. Here, a tournament is held between four teams, one for each player. When less than four players are competing, the remaining teams will be played by the computer. Two teams compete at a time, alternating with one throw apiece. One "end" is completed after each team throws 4 stones (B total), at which time the team that has placed a stone nearest to the center of the "house" (rings drawn on the ice surface) wins.

Free Style aerials: Can you come from behind to win with your last jump? Or solidify your victory? It's all in the timing! The level of difficulty is different according to the jump. Of course, more points can be received for a jump with a high level of difficulty, but you do not receive a good score if you make a mistake in entering the commands. Further, the same maneuver cannot be performed for both jumps.

  Manufacturer's description:

Go For the Gold!

The NAGANO WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES are here! Experience all of the thrills, spills and "chills" as you compete for glory against the rest of the world. It's time to find out what you're made of...
Can you bring home a medal?
13 exciting Olympic events!
16 different countries!
1-4 player action
Set new world records and save them to your Memory Card
Real-time motion captured athletes


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Winter Olympics theme.