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 Mort the Chicken

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    playstation 1

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     AndNow Interactive

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     Crave Entertainment

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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Chickens, which happen to be the dominant form of life on a mysterious planet, are in trouble. Block creatures from another world have emerged from a well to kidnap all the baby chicks! In an act of pure courage, Mort the Chicken dove into the well after them. Mort, of course, is not your average chicken: he has super powers. Now you must help him cluck, glide, peck and comb-whip his way through the block creatures' world and lead the chicks safely back to the farm.

Mort the Chicken is a 3D adventure through a land filled with cube creatures. In each level, you must find all the baby chicks and safely lead them back to the well. Several power-ups are available by cracking open eggs, including springs and invincibility icons, and in order to restore health, Mort can eat corn and beans found along the ground. After each level, you have the option to save the game so that you may start from that level at any time (which requires one free memory block).

The more chicks you collect at once and bring back to the well, the more points you'll receive through coins. Jump high into the air and perform a falling head-butt to an unsuspecting cube below, but make sure not to miss, because if you do you'll need to eat more corn to survive. Act fast, though: the lives of countless chicks hang in the balance!

* Explore multiple worlds while escorting chicks back to the farm
* Use special moves to defeat enemies in your path
* Peck at corn and beans to replenish health

  Manufacturer's description:

Run Mort run¡

Now, you two can join the adventure¡

The Chickens are in a panic when mysterious creatures from another world kidnap their baby chicks! Stolen from the farm and threatened with becoming tasty snacks, it is up to fearless Mort to come tot their rescue. A super chicken with Super powers, Mort must cluck, peck and comb-whip the pride of the farm back to safely.

* The children back at the farm are counting on you. Don't let them down!
* Boost Mort's strength with Easter Egg Power ups!
* Search mysterious worlds for the missing chicks!

Mort may not look like your average superhero but they don't come any braver! When the evil Boolyon cubes invade Mort's world and kidnap chicks, he must cluck, peck and comb-whip his way to the heart of their twisted world to save them. The only way to thwart the Boolyan's evil master plan is to solve feather-ruffling puzzles, fight off the cubic hordes and lead the baby chicks to safety across five unique worlds.

Featuring an advanced Chicken Intelligence Model, one super chicken, hilarious gags and addictive puzzles, Mort is the ultimate kung pow chicken!

* Help Mort rescue his chicken friends in multiple free roaming 3D Boolyon Cube worlds
* Easy, medium and hard kinetic puzzles with progressive difficulty.
* Entertaining and hilarious cut scenes reward the player for completing levels
* Communicate via chicken talk to locate the chicks in a Marco Polo style fashion.
* Defeat unusual enemies like bouncing cube towers, jiggling jellies and rolling ranks of blue cubes.
* Great replay value with multiple ways to beat each level.
* Different power ups hidden in Easter Eggs enhance Mort's chicken powers.
* Intelligent camera placement help keep Mort in view from the best perspective.
* Instant access information icons help you throughout the game.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fantasy theme.