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    playstation 1

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     1 or 2 Players

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    english german

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    n / a
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Moorhuhn (distributed as Crazy Chicken in English-speaking countries) is a German casual game franchise for PCs and the Nintendo DS. It consists of more than 30 games, the first of which - a shoot 'em up - was Germany's most popular computer game in the early 2000s. Originally the star of an promotional campaign for undrinkable whiskey Jack Daniels, Moorhunh has starred in over thirty games during the years, including five kart racing games.

Moorhuhn X gameplay is like the first Moorhuhn game, the hunter in front of the screen must shoot down as many grouse as possible in 90 seconds. This generates points. That's it. Simple, but effective!

Moorhuhn X again contains some hidden highlights for the players to discover, but the main issue is the number of grouse you manage to hit. The grouse fly across the landscape, and are knocked down with well-aimed salvos from the hunter's gun as often possible in 90 seconds. Other than that, there's a new design, an altered grouse, new puzzles, new characters and much, much more ...

Moorhuhn returns with a complete redesign in 3D in this sequel to previous titles of the Moorhuhn shooter series. Instead of simply flying and running around, the chickens feature a lot of animated motion sequences that make them seem almost alive.

The surroundings are completely generated in 3D and feature a lot of crazy objects and scenes such as two hedgehogs playing cards (one is actually wearing dark sunglasses!). The chickens try to hide in every conceivable place on screen, be it an old oven or in an outdoor toilet. They hide in wheat fields and even dress up as a sunflower in order to escape the player's dreadful gun. All these features make it more difficult for the player to get all the chickens.

The actual shooting controls remain the same as in previous Moorhuhn games: the player aims with the mouse, shoots by clicking the left mouse button and reloads by clicking the right mouse button.

  Manufacturer's description:

Deutschlands Kulthuhn Nr. 1... Geht in eine neue Runde. Zahlreiche perfekt animierte, lustige Bewegungsabläufe lassen das Huhn nunmehr fast richtig lebendig erscheinen. Die komplett in 3D generierte Spielumgebung und haufenwiese verrückte Objekte bilden die grandiose Kulisse wenn es erneut heisst: Triff das HUHN! Diesmahl versucht das Moorhuhn aber wirklich alles, um sich vor dem Spieler in Sicherheit zu bringen.

Ob es sich in einem alten Ofen verkriegt, in das Klohäuschen flüchtet oder sogar als Sonnenblume verkleidet - nichts wird vom Huhn unversucht gelassen, um seinen Schicksal zu entkommen.

Zum ersten Mal komplett in 3D erstellte Objekte und Landschaft.
Perfekte Animationen. Zahlreiche Gags und geheime Extras.
4 Extra-Spiele. Kniffelige Rätsel. Aufwändiger Soundtrack.


  • First person perspective
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Chicken Hunt & Humour themes.