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    playstation 1

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     NK System

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     1 or 2 Players

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    english french german

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    n / a
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In Monsterseed, players assume the role of Daniel, a young "ruler" who begins the game by getting himself beaten unconscious, but is rescued by the lovely Kal and her rugged grandfather, Wolf. Daniel learns that the thugs who attacked him are part of an evil gang terrorizing his benefactors' little town. The gang's leader Murdoch is collecting ancient statues to open a gateway to the Dark World, hoping to resurrect an immensely powerful monster. Driven by a sense of duty to repay and protect Wolf and Kal, Daniel pursues Murdoch through labyrinthine mines and ruins, a booby-trapped mansion, and even through the Dark World itself, fighting wild monsters and collecting monster seeds along the way.

At first Daniel buys his monsters at the town hatchery, but as the game progresses, he obtains increasingly potent seeds to hatch on his own. By adjusting hatching temperatures, different monsters can be produced from each seed. Daniel can also add solutions to a seed during hatching to boost certain characteristics of his monsters.

Monsters have several characteristics affecting their behavior. For example, willpower indicates how determined a monster is in battle; an "unforgiving" monster is quick to enter battle, while a "cowardly" one may ignore Daniel's commands or even beg to be recalled. Response time indicates how quickly a monster will materialize after being summoned; a "quite slow" monster may not materialize for several rounds after Daniel has summoned it, but a "quite fast" monster responds immediately.

  Manufacturer's description:

"MONSTER SEED" is a brand new type of monster-collection RPG. The player has to gather monster eggs (over 50 to find) incubate them and then send their collection of different monsters into battle. With a choice of 97 monsters, each with a set of 5 different characteristics that is one almighty inventory to choose from. The player controls Master Daniel a ruler of monsters, together you must venture forth, through a dungeon map fighting enemies and solving the riddles encountered on the way (by using separate memory cards, you can make these monsters fight against each other).

The way the game unfolds is up to you, what you create you put to battle. Enjoy the fun of creating your own ultra-powerful monsters and take advantage of the 150 fighting commands and 200 magical commands at your disposal.

"MONSTER SEED" is a monster of a game, so hatch a plan and off you go.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Medieval Fantasy themes.