playstation 1  Michael Owen's WLS '99


 Michael Owen's WLS '99

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    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     Silicon Dreams

  • Editore:

     Eidos Interactive 

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     1 to 4 Players

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    english french italian

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    n / a
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The game incorporates the leading international teams along with some 200 domestic teams from Europe, USA and Japan. Each player's abilities are rated out of 10 in several key areas. Statistics including shots (in total and on target), fouls and possession are recorded. Set pieces are controlled by moving a line to direct the ball. While trying to play a pass, you can switch control to the player hoping to receive the ball.

You can choose from competition structures including leagues and Cup championships, a practice mode and single 'friendly' matches. with the World Cup perhaps the ultimate prize. It is also possible for you to design your own competitions.


  • Over 200 teams to choose from. Leagues include English, Scottish, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and many more
  • Arcade quality graphics and improved artificial intelligence for both goalkeepers and out-field players
  • Motion captured animation based on Michael Owen
  • Real-time commentary provided by Peter Brackley and Ray Wilkins
  • Ability to create and design your own custom leagues
  • A wealth of international stadia to choose from, each with their own unique atmosphere
  • Includes completely new skill options. Over 23 special combination moves
  • Updated kits and squads for the beginning of the new seasons, throughout the domestic and international leagues

  •   Manufacturer's description:

    Sensory overload:

    Michael Owen's World League Soccer '99 combines fast-paced arcade action with immersive and realistic gameplay for the total football experience. Using a new skeletal animation system and UV texture mapping you'll experience a level of graphical realism you've never previously imagined.

    Play for over 190 teams from 10 different leagues covering all major football territories worldwide.

    • Third or first persons perspectives
    • 3D graphics
    • Cartoon graphics
    • Soccer theme