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    playstation 1

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     Gigawatt Studios

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     Gremlin Graphics

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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In the game You follow the main plot of the blockbuster movie. As honest policeman (Will Smith) you begin the game shooting or fighting all the enemies through your way to new understanding of the world or to another level in the game.

During your chase of the enemies you have to do some routine work such as disarm the bomb, bash the garbage can, etc. After your first encounter with the aliens you meet the agent (Tommy Lee Jones) of the secret intergalactic crime-fighting organization called Men in Black (aka MiB) and become the agent, too.

During the operations you also meet the beautiful doctor (Linda Fiorentino). All three agents are available to play and their faces are very similar to the faces of the real actors. Using eight different weapons you have to complete four missions to survive the Earth!

  Manufacturer's description:

Now It's Your Turn - Men in Black: The Game. Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. They are the best kept secret in the universe. Working for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency; Agent K and Agent J are the Men in Black; providers of immigration services and regulators of all things alien on Earth. They are our best; last and only line of defence when close encounters get ugly.


* Based on the best selling movie
* Play as Agent J, Agent K or Agent L
* Three brand new missions to the Arctic, the Amazon and Island of Skip Frales
* Intense action and brain teasing puzzles


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Aliens & Comic themes.