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     Virgin Interactive

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     1 Player

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Mega Man X3 is a video game released in 1995 by Capcom. It was the third game in the Mega Man X sub-franchise and the last to appear on the Super Nintendo.

Like its predecessor, Mega Man X2, Capcom included the Cx4 chip to allow for some limited 3D graphics and transparency effects. Mega Man X3 was the first game in which Zero is a playable character in addition to X.

An enhanced version was also released on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC (herein referred to as the 32-bit CD version) later that year, and the PC version arrived in North America in 1997.

Differences with the SNES version include:
* Slightly enhanced sprites and animation, additional animated cut-scenes, remixed music tracks, and new sound effects.
* The Mavericks' intros use FMV, with a remixed version of the classic Mega Man Robot Masters Intro.
* The Japanese editions feature two J-Pop songs by Kotono Shibuya, "One More Time" (opening theme) and "I'm Believer" (ending theme).
* The 32-bit CD versions (except for the PC version) feature load times after the Mavericks' intro FMV, including a very long wait when first booting up the game. The rest of the load times are nearly non-existent.

The story of Mega Man X3 revolves around a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler. In the year 21XX, the threat of the Mavericks had been neutralized thanks to Doppler's technology, which prevented the Mavericks from going berserk. The reformed Reploids had formed a utopia near their new mentor called Doppler Town. It seemed that all was well, until the former Maverick Reploids suddenly reverted and once again began causing trouble. Dr. Doppler was held accountable, and X and Zero were sent out to contain the new threat. They were soon after called back to Maverick Hunter HQ, which was under attack by Doppler's forces.

  Manufacturer's description:

Video-gaming's favourite robotic super-hero is back in the third instalment of Capcom's exhilarating action series. Together with Zero - his high-powered accomplice Mega Man X3 features dozens of new gameplay options, weapons and course enemies. There are eight stages (plus a secret hidden level) where your unrivalled powers will be needed.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Futuristic, Fantasy & Humour themes.