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    playstation 1

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     Tantalus Entertainment

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     1 or 2 Players

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    english french italian spanish

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    n / a
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Maximum Force is a lightgun game for one or two players. As top counter-terrorism agents, you and a partner have three missions to complete to eradicate the world of a band of evil terrorists.

Each mission set in radically different locations and is divided into three stages. After each stage you and your partner are rated in terms of accuracy, number of kills, number of streaks (consecutive hits), total shots fired, amount of damage done, and your total score. The third mission can be played only when the first two have been completed.

Per standard shooting games, you must try to kill the terrorists and spare the innocents. There are power-ups to shoot that will increase your firepower to shotgun or machine gun level.

Not standard to many shooting games however is the encouragement the Maximum Force presents to do physical damage to your surroundings. Most everything in the game is shootable and will show damage when shot. Windows may be shot out, flower pots shatter, etc. Hitting certain items will start mini-games within the game, such as a duck-shooting gallery or a shark hunt. These mini-games serve to increase your score.

The look of the game is somewhat reminiscent of Lethal Enforcers, except the camera is much more fluid. You will frequently change camera positionsand find yourself shooting at targets on the fly. An almost identical game to Maximum Force in terms of look and game play is Area 51.

  Manufacturer's description:


Sometimes you'd feel better if you could just shoot everything in sight. (But then there's that death penalty thing.)

Time to lock and load, pal. Straight from arcades everywhere, here comes Maximum Force, where it's you against elusive terrorists and you control the body count. You'll board helicopters. ATV's, underwater vehicles and shoot literally everything in sight. Gun down slimeballs on three completely different missions. Blast your way into over 35 secret rooms and blow away everything with extreme prejudice. With Maximum Force, there's no such thing as too much firepower.

MAXIMUM FORCE. Go ahead, pull the trigger


  • First person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Prerendered graphics
  • Counter-terrorist theme.