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    playstation 1

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     Tiburon Entertaiment

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     EA Sports (Electronic Arts)

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     1 to 8 Players

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    n / a
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Madden NFL 2001 is the fifth game in Electronic Arts' football dynasty on the PlayStation. In terms of visual presentation, Madden 2001 uses the same 3D engine as found in its predecessor. The character and crowd graphics are made up of textured polygons, with the usual details found in the series such as recognizable names, numbers, and authentic uniforms.

The animation of the player movement includes an array of jukes, dives, tucks, rolls, and hits. You'll also be able to recognize your favorite stadium, as each is modeled after the real-life arena thanks to an official NFL license. Finally, the game offers little extras such as weather effects, helmet shine and controllable endzone celebrations.

EA SPORTS is also stepping up to the line of scrimmage with eight different game modes. You'll be able to try your luck at the Two-Minute Drill, Practice, Situation, Exhibition, Season, Custom League, Franchise and Tournament modes. The Two-Minute Drill and Practice modes are designed to ease a new player into the world of Madden. Both modes allow users to adjust to the nuances of the game controls without the pressure of an opponent.

The Exhibition mode is a gateway to a quick game of football, allowing you to pick the opposing teams and jump into the action. The Season mode focuses on your attempt to guide your chosen team to the Super Bowl. In the Franchise mode, you'll dive into the customizability of the Madden series, as you take the role of player, coach, and executive manager. This mode allows you to trade, sign, or cut your team members, as long as you stay within the salary cap.

Madden 2001 will also let you make the team of your dreams from scratch. The create-a-player mode allows the football fanatic to alter every little detail of the athlete, from the height and weight to the type of padding or helmet. It is even possible to put yourself into the game as the starting quarterback!

In the play creator mode, you will become the offensive/defensive coordinators, as you strive to find the unbeatable formation. The playbooks can be mixed and matched between the opposing teams, or you can go to ground zero and do it yourself. With the addition of the aforementioned create-a-franchise mode, you have the entire team in your hands, from the players to the assignments and playbook.

With an optional Multi-Tap adaptor, up to four people can compete in Madden NFL 2001 at the same time. The game also supports the analog controller for more precise pass and run control as well as the memory card to save your progress.

Be victorious to earn in-game cards, hidden players, stadiums, and power-ups
Create your strategy by selecting from moves found in playbooks from real NFL coaches
Featuring a variety of player specific accessories including turf tape, wristbands, and visors

  Manufacturer's description:

Go deep with Madden NFL 2001
INCREDIBLE PLAYER DETAIL: Player-specific accessories include turf tape, wristbands, visors, and more

LEGENDARY PLAYERS: Unlock 50 of the game's greatest and every All-Madden Team

NEW TWO-MINUTE DRILL: Up to 10 players battle the clock and each other in this exciting new mode

MADDEN CARDS: Compete and collect in-game cards for hidden players, stadiums, and Power-Ups


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Football theme.