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Life in the Wild West is a hectic time; the crazy Dalton Brothers are stealing from innocent townsfolk and robbing each and every bank they can. Fortunately, Lucky Luke, the most cunning and daring lawman in the west, is always there to keep the varmints at bay. He thought he had restored peace to the land by catching the brothers red handed and throwing them in jail, but he was wrong.

The Dalton Brothers escaped from the most heavily guarded and secure prison in all of Arizona. Somehow, they managed to get their filthy mitts on a truckload of dynamite, lit a fuse, and blew the prison sky high. Laughing as they made their escape, they figured no one could stop them now...that's where you come in.

Assuming the role of the gun-toting lawman, Lucky Luke is a platforming romp through dusty deserts, ghost towns, and up on runaway wagon roofs -- seventeen levels in all! Played from a 2D side-scrolling perspective, players collect cash (represented by dollar signs), shoot the big bad varmints, and deal with whatever puzzles (moving crates, shooting ropes) get in Luke's way.

Collecting cash is important; with enough money, players can buy various things. If Luke is running low on lives, you can purchase an extra life (worth 30 dollars) from Flatshoe the Hawker. Passwords can also be obtained; with 100 dollars, players can purchase a password for the current level he or she is on. Each password is comprised of four distinct faces -- remember them well because once you leave Flatshoe's wagon, they cannot be accessed again.

In addition to money, Luke will come across dynamite charges, the sheriff's star, and the Lucky Luke golden head. Dynamite charges are useful in puzzle situations and defeating tough enemies; players can use dynamite to blow up crates blocking the path. The sheriff's star awards Luke by increasing his maximum hit points. Though you can buy them at Flatshoe's wagon, the golden heads, or extra lives, are secretly placed throughout each level.

Lucky Luke features a couple mini-games and special levels. During a saloon level, Luke practices fisticuffs rather than relying on his gun. Players will have to punch, jab, and uppercut their way to victory. The lawman will also have to control a moving wagon and chop up wood in a lumberjack level. Among the mini-games are bottle shooting, arm wrestling and a card game with Pat Poker.

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Roller-coaster rides on an old mine wagon, saloon bar brawls, weird adventures in Indian territory...


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Western & Humour themes.