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Designed and developed by Davilex, London Racer puts you behind the wheel to speed past St Paul's, race up Regents Street and burn rubber at Big Ben. Entering the game as a rookie in an illegal street race, London Racer allows the player to build their skill and finally drive a GT car around a selection of London tracks.

Three race types are included: Quick Race for single players to chase on a track of their choice, Time Trail to challenge real speed freaks and Tournament, a rip-roaring race against opponents within 3 leagues. Time Trail defies the best drivers to tackle six others and with each challenger fully equipped with a high level of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the results are a contest of skill, quick thinking and plenty of fun interaction. The battle includes aggressive drivers, police chases and road rage rivals who will push the player off the road! Accelerate up to earn more money that enables the purchase of valuable extras for the car (though not Go Faster Stripes!) And when qualified, the pace is set for the Super League.

  Manufacturer's description:

Spectacular racing game through London'. Fed up with London's endless traffic jams? London Racer challenges you to the most spectacular, heart-stopping racer ever. Forget everything you have learnt at driving school and prepare for the ride of your life! As you speed through the centre of London, Oxford and on the M25 you'll be outrunning the police, crashing into road works, smashing traffic camera's and breaking all the rules! Have you ever dreamt of blasting through rush hour traffic at 180 mph or running other traffic off the road? Well, now you can! But be careful! As in real life the police are lurking everywhere, ready to catch you if they can. Race over the London Tower Bridge, fly past Buckingham Palace, cruise over Trafalgar Square and speed through Stonehenge! London Racer is the ultimate British racing game!

* Realistic tracks through London and Oxford with plenty of local traffic
* Try to outwit and escape the police
* Crash through roadworks and break the rules
* High speed chases on the M25


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Racing theme.