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    playstation 1

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     Data Design

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     LEGO Media International Inc

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     1 or 2 Players

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    english french unknown finnish german italian norweigan spanish swdish

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    n / a
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Uh-oh! There's been an accident in deep space, bringing your crew of five dedicated LEGO troopers down to the surface of a distant, barren planet. Your ship has been disabled, and it needs the power of green ore to repair it and bring it back to life. Thankfully, this planet is loaded with the stuff, but it isn't just sitting around on the surface. You've got to use the five members of your team and their unique skills to scour, drill and blast your way deeper and deeper into the heart of the planet, in the hopes that you'll find enough of the ore to deliver yourself safely back to your LEGO home.

Based heavily in the LEGO universe, LEGO Rock Raiders takes the familiar LEGO characters and gives them personalities and a purpose: To get off the planet before they all get killed. To meet this objective, you will control all five of the characters in their own levels as they search for their coveted ore.

Each character has a different skill that he or she can utilize to beat their level. For instance, one LEGO hero can use their jetpack to jump greater distances, while another takes no damage from the radioactive water that permeates the underground passageways. In addition to these unique skills, each of your characters can drill into certain rock formations, destroying them and allowing you to pass. Dynamite can also be located, which you can use to set and explode charges that will explode stronger formations.

In addition to the green ore, there are smaller quantities of other objects scattered about, including coins and the ultra-powerful red ore. These are usually more difficult to locate, but worth it if you want to fully complete a level. To help you out with this, you have brought different vehicles with you, including a boat, a truck and a helicopter. Later on in the game, you can build new vehicles using the collected ore with the help of transport pads conservatively placed around the game world.

  Manufacturer's description:

Stranded in orbit around an uncharted planet...
Take Command! Protect and rescue the Rock Raiders team as you mine energy crystals that power the LMS Explorer to take you and your team safely home.

High adventure deep underground. Explore, tunnel and excavate in the underground tunnels of an unexplored planet, light years from home. Take command! You and the Rock Raiders team are stranded deep underground. Your mission is to collect precious crystals buried deep beneath the surface. Your actions will ultimately aid your efforts to return home. However, get ready to rock with unstable underground conditions and a looming Rock Monster!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-Fi, Futuristic & Fantasy themes.