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     1 or 2 Players

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The 24 Heures Du Mans is the Super Bowl of the racing world. The event, created in 1923, exudes an immense measure of status. In it, the best in the world compete in a brutal, day long race. The goal is to complete the most laps around the famous Le Mans track in a 24-hr. period.

In Le Mans, the player is offered a choice of three different car classes. On the one hand, we have the GT2 class. It is the easiest of the group, offering a good level of handing. The second type is the GT1. The GT1 cars are designed with professional racing in mind. Although difficult to control, these cars are the most powerful of the classes. Only an experienced driver can handle the GT1 class. Finally, we have the Prototype class of car. These vehicles lie slightly below the GT1 in terms of performance.

Le Mans offers a number of play modes. The Arcade mode is designed for a quick thrill. It can satisfy the action junkies need for an adrenaline high. In it, the cars are completely indestructible, putting the emphasis on the racing. As the name implies, the Challenge races offer a bunch of difficult obstacles to overcome. Beating the opponent cars will open up a new series of Challenge tracks. The Time Attack mode pits the racer against the clock. Victory in the Time Attack mode will unleash a new fleet of cars.

The Championship mode is a little bit deeper. In it, the player will participate in an entire racing season, culminating in the famous 24 Heures Du Mans. The Championship mode starts with the GT2 class of car. Upon beating the first series of races, the player will be able to move on to the other car types. Finally, Le Mans offers the Le Mans 24 hr mode. In game time, the Le Mans race lasts the entire 24-hr. period. The player can choose to shorten the outcome by resetting the game time. Be careful, though, as the car can take a lot of damage in a long race.

Le Mans offers a split screen multi-player mode. In addition, it supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller and the Memory Card.

* 3 play modes: arcade, simulation, and endurance
* Authentic Le Mans circuit tracks
* 24 officially licensed racing teams
* Day and night driving conditions
* Dual Shock Controller support

  Manufacturer's description:

24 Hours at 200 Mph

Zero Margin For Error.

The officially licensed game of the 24 Heures du Mans, with the world-famous Le Mans circuit & 5 other ACO approved tracks

Over 25 incredible detailed cars; up to 12 cars on the track per race

Compressed Time option simulates 24 hrs Day-to-Night-to-Day racing

3 distinct competition classes: GT2, GT1 and Prototype classes

3 modes of play: Arcade, Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours

Advanced AI: Drivers race like their real-world counterparts

Multiplayer racing action: 2-player split screen


  • Third & first person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • 24 Hours Le Mans racing theme.