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    playstation 1

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     Psygnosis Camden Studio

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     1 Player

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Like all good fairy tales, this one begins: "Once upon a time..."

In the magical land of the Fruit Kingdom there was an orphaned fox-cub named Kingsley, whose destiny held the key to the future of the land. He lived in the home of the king and queen of the kingdom, in the great Carrot Castle. Although they adopted him as their own son, it was obvious from his unmistakable fox features that he wasn't their offspring. Kingsley knew that his real father was one of the brave True Knights, the most noble soldiers of the realm.

As Kingsley grew he was trained and tutored in the ways of the warrior by the ancient and wise badger, Old Wrinkle (who had also taught Kingsley's father). Though he is skilled in many forms of combat, Kingsley has still not gained the status and wisdom of a True Knight, his ultimate goal.

Carrot Castle's kitchens were once known throughout the land for the delicious food they served. Whether it was Squished Mango with Loganberry Dripping or Pineapple Lard Topped with Crusty Cranberry Croutons, it was wonderful, and whatever they made they served it with carrots. Unfortunately, after self-taught chef Bad Custard joined the cooking crew, there were a series of food poisonings that left the king sitting on his throne for days on end. Bad Custard was eventually hounded from the castle.

Enraged by his expulsion, Bad Custard stole the queen's Magic Book and began to learn its secrets to craft many nasty spells. As he grew more powerful he enslaved many of the king's soldiers and plotted to take Carrot Castle for himself, gaining the title "Rodent Wizard."

As the game begins, the evil wizard has finally achieved his goal and has taken over the Fruit Kingdom. He is using the stolen magic from the queen's Book of Magic to transform the valiant True Knights into evil doppelgangers called Dark Knights.

It is up to you as the valiant Kingsley to save the kingdom!

On this adventure you will have to dodge your way past blazing cannons, crushing blocks and swaying buzz saws. Navigate locks and switches to find your way in normally inaccessible places. The gameplay action will have you leaping over lava and acid pits, as well as combating vicious enemies with a variety of weapons including a dagger, axe, sword and crossbow. Remember to use your shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

You will also have to solve challenging puzzles and speak with as many characters as possible to find out what secrets and clues they may possess to help you on your quest. Treasure chests are also littered all over the kingdom that you can open and discover what is hidden inside. You will need to find keys to open locked chests, and what you will find inside could either be helpful (extra lives, energy or valuable items) or hurtful.

The world of the Fruit Kingdom is broken down into areas for you to explore. Each of these has a village with a problem that must be solved and hidden dungeons to explore. Defeat the "baddies," challenges, and the boss within to win the trust of the villagers (maybe they will help you)! Within each town is a castle commanded by a Dark Knight. As the game progresses, you must discover how to gain entrance into these mysterious fortresses.

Travel to the far corners of the Fruit Kingdom, collect and use special items, rescue the magically enslaved Dark Knights and bring the evil warlock Bad Custard to justice. Only after succeeding in your quest can you finally become a True Knight.

  Manufacturer's description:

This is the story of Kingsley fox cub, unlikely hero and apprentice True Knight. Are you ready to join his quest to save the Fruit Kingdom from the evil wizard, Bad Custard?
After being thrown out of the castle kitchen for giving the King food poisoning, the self-taught chef Bad Custard wants revenge. So, he steals the Queen's magic book and starts to wreak havoc on the Fruit Kingdom. Eventually, he takes over the entire kingdom. Take control of Kingsley, the King and Queen's adopted son, and help save the kingdom from Bad Custard in KINGSLEY'S ADVENTURES.

  • 50 interactive characters
  • 5 apprenticeship quests teach the basics
  • 41 individual game tunes

  • Third or first person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.