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    playstation 1

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     Exact / Ultra

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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After being defeated by the good-natured Robbit, the diabolical Baron Aloha has retreated to his private island, Little Muu. Along with his army of MuuMuu creatures, he figured he was finally safe from his arch-nemesis. He figured wrong...

One day, Baron was visited by the planet-sized monster known as Kaptain Kabuki. This behemoth roams the galaxies and bottles up planets for his collection; kind of like ships-in-a-bottle. Baron may be an evil bad guy with a chemical imbalance, but he is no fool! He quickly got the heck out of dodge and made an ironic call for help; he called Robbit!

Being the good-natured robot that Robbit is, he decided to help Baron and destroy Kaptain Kabuki once and for all! Can the once diabolical maniac turned quivering coward be trusted? Play Jumping Flash! 2 to find out!

The sequel to Jumping Flash! features a couple gameplay options including the Main Game and a Time Attack mode. The Time Attack mode pits you in a heated battle against the clock. If you're able to finish within a certain time period, the in-game announcer will inform you of unlocked goodies! In the Main Game, players are treated to 12 all-new levels (not to mention bonus levels) chock-full of 3D platforming and shoot 'em up goodness! Like the original, worlds are broken down into three levels apiece with a boss character at the end. In order to advance throughout the various stages, all four MuuMuus must be collected.

Jumping Flash! 2 will have you leaping to all-new heights! In accordance with the Jump Gauge (located on the right-hand side of the screen), players must perform a series of single, double, and triple jumps between various platforms. Timing your jumps is an absolute must if you wish to succeed!

As Robbit, you'll collect a barrage of special weapons and items including multiple homing rockets, Cherry Bombs, Roman Candles, fireworks, and the destructive Power Orbs. You can then use your weapons on the various creatures that stand in the path of victory! Special items come in the form of hit-point adding carrots, stop clocks, invulnerability, and an hourglass that increases the overall time limit.

  Manufacturer's description:

Need an Action Fix? Get Sky High!

Little Muu has been bottled up by the menacing Captain Kabuki. Baron Aloha, once a foe, now turns to friend? Take a flying leap into the wickedly weird world of Robbit and plunge into the wildest 3D gaming experience ever imagined. Single, double and triple-jump your way through a madcap quest-but just when you think it's over, you take to even newer heights and depths like never seen (or felt) before!

* First-person, 360º perspective takes you on a free-falling flight, and the all-new Jump Meter lets you know how high you can go!
* Barrel through 12 different fantasy worlds with bonus levels and maximize the fun with all-new underwater 3D environments!
* Watch out for a slew of new enemies including the killer, kung-fu gripping, galaxy-ripping Captain Kabuki.
* A variety of medals are awarded for different achievements. Can you win them all?!

"A Gift from the Heavens." –NEXT Generation


  • First person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Futuristic & Humour themes.