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    playstation 1

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     1-2 Players

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Jonah Lomu Rugby is a computer and video game released in 1997. It was developed by Codemasters and published by Rage Software. It was released on the PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Its title is a reference to noted All Blacks winger Jonah Lomu.

Jonah Lomu, as of 1995, is undeniably the best player in the game of rugby. As a member of the mighty All Blacks (in reference to the New Zealand national rugby team), Jonah is known amongst his fellow players as the 6'4, 19 stone right-winger that no one can stop.

Jonah Lomu powers his way onto the PlayStation along with 32 teams, all competing in one of the toughest sports in the world: rugby union.

In a game where tackling skills and the ability to run literally through a defense are measured, Jonah Lomu Rugby allows players to take the kicks, make the conversions, hit the tackle opportunities, command the line-ins, dominate the scrums, and make the moves on your opponents.

Modes include Friendly Match (a straightforward game of rugby), Tournament play for up to 16 teams, World Cup featuring pool and knockout matchups. Territories Cup, and Classic Match that allows gamers to recreate a game in rugby history.

The "In-Game Instructions" system provides not only onscreen visual indicators to show when you have the ball, but also instruction aids that outline which buttons do what in each particular situation. Other features include commentary provided by Bill McLaren and Bill Beaumont, detailed player attributes tracking weight, size, strength and skills, 32 world rugby teams including New Zealand, South Africa, England, France and Australia, simulated weather conditions and four-player same-screen gaming if you have access to a Multi Tap.

-Offside: Don’t advance towards the other team until the ball is out of a ruck or maul. A player who starts in front of a player who kicks the ball and advances towards/touches the oppisition is offside.
-In Goal: If the ball is kicked and lands in the in goal area a defending player may press O to ground the ball and have a drop kick restart from the 22. If a defender takes the ball dead (three sides of the in goal) it will result in a 5m scrum. If a defender is tackled in goal it is a 5m scrum. If an attacker kicks the ball dead it is a 22 restart. If the defender carries the ball back into the in goal area they can not ground the ball.
- Tackles: Don’t tackle someone if they are in the air or don't have the ball
-Rucks and Mauls: If you take to long to clear the ball from a ruck or maul, a scrum will be awarded to the defending team.

Easter Egg:
One of the 'unlockable' teams was a team called 'team Lomu' where all 15 players were Jonah. In the game Jonah was easily the best as he broke 80% of all tackles and was one of the fastest in the game. The team Lomu was practically unbeatable.

  Manufacturer's description:

"THE BEST RUGBY GAME" 9/10 Playstation Pro

It's the official Jonah Lomu rugby game: play hard and fast with the world's most powerful winger in the video game that he helped design!

* Commentary from TV's Bill McLaren and Bill Beaumont
* Individual player attributes including weight, size, strength and skill
* Rendered 3D motion-captured player animations
* 32 Rugby Union teams including New Zealand, England, Australia and France
* Get dirty in Friendly, Tournament, World Cup, Territories Cup or Classic Matches
* All weather conditions from South African sunshine to English winter
* Up to 4 player simultaneous action


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Rugby theme.