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    playstation 1

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     Singletrac Entertainment Tech Inc

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     1 or 2 Players

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Developed by SingleTrac, Jet Moto blends futuristic motocross racing with hazard ridden tracks. Rather than using traditional cars or motorcycles, these vehicles are a cross between jet skis and hovercrafts. With turbo-charged engines, these bikes can tread water, perform dangerous aerial flips and catch serious air. There are 20 vehicles/characters in all, each with varying acceleration times, weight, suspension (lift) and handling capabilities.

While there's only a handful of tracks readily available, there are nine in all -- the latter courses will be unlocked by doing well in tournaments. Spanning the globe, tracks are set throughout snowy mountains and ice, massive cliffs, murky swamps and vibrant beaches. Located throughout each course are magnetic pillars in which you can grapple and handle turns in a more sufficient manner. Additionally, there are a few suicide courses; these incorporate sharp U-turns into the oncoming flow of traffic.

There are a few gameplay options including the Single Race, Custom Circuit, Full Season and Practice modes. Racing against the clock, the Practice mode is there for novice players and those who wish to learn the track layouts. Likewise, the Single Race is a solo competition against other opponents. After getting used to the controls and course designs, try the Custom Circuit. This mode offers three racing styles including Rally, Championship and Elimination. Depending on the difficulty setting, the Full Season mode will have you unlocking unavailable courses. Tracks are broken into blue and black colors -- whereas the blue tracks are unlocked at the intermediate setting, the black tracks will become available on the Professional difficulty level; you'll need to earn the blue courses before earning the black ones.

Jet Moto supports any PlayStation memory card and features real-life sponsors including Chef Boyardee, Mountain Dew and Butterfinger candy bars. There's also a two-player feature with a vertically or horizontally split screen.

  Manufacturer's description:

BRUTAL all terrain racing

Next generation motocross on 10 bone-crushing outdoor tracks. Catch big air over land, sea, ice and snow.

Gut-Wrenching 3D Tracks

Race muddy swamps, icy downhills, and choppy seas.
Stomach 200 foot drops, broken freeways, switchbacks, and suicide tracks.
Fight 20 riders thru championship, rally and elimination races.

Powerful Air Bikes

Harness a wild air bike that can buck, fly, surf, flip and spin at top speeds.
Lasso tight turns with a grappling hook.
Master 20 unique riders on light and heavy bikes.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.