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  •  ISS Pro Evolution / International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution
     ISS Pro Evolution / International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution
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 ISS Pro Evolution / International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution

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    playstation 1

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     1 or 2 Players

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ISS Pro Evolution is a third video game in ISS Series produced by Konami specially for Playstation. In Japan it has been released as Winning Eleven 4. The engine has been recreated providing new player movements, animations and improved graphics. During promotion following taglines have been used: "The King of football returns", "This really IS football!".

The new version featured updated player rosters, extended amount of game modes, teams (including club teams for the very first time), stadiums and settings providing highly developed player editor not as long limited only to name edition. ISS Pro Evolution was precise in every detail and aspect of the game, for example team captain could be selected with captain's badge on arm or colour of players' shoes could be individualized.

The replays could be stored on memory card as well as won trophys and unlocked bonuses. In this version the one-two-pass system has been highly developed, becoming one of the greatest threats to the opponent and dribbling includind trick-shoot has been introduced as the element of the gameplay.

Master League:
One of the main new features of ISS Pro Evolution is a game mode named Master League. Master League is an exclusive league consisting of 16 club teams included in the game reflecting the best European clubs of that time. Regardless which team you choose to play its squad will be replaced with generic squad consisted of fictional players. The idea of Master League, beside winning the whole competition, is to complete a squad with real players on terms of transfers. The transfers are based on exchanging players for points you gain according to your match record, which is calculated accordingly to results achieved - victory equals 8 points and draw 4. The bonus points which are simply the points for goal difference are added as well (bonus is adjusted to the difficulty of the Master League thus goal difference on hard difficult level is multiplied by 2).

  Manufacturer's description:


International Superstar Soccer is back to show the opposition how it's done. The Players choice of soccer games, this new version has improved graphics, awesome player movements and is simply the best re-creation of the beautiful game to date.

High Praise from Europe - Where "Football" was Born

"The best football game ever made 5/5" –Computer and Video Game Magazine

"Breath-taking in every aspect 9/10" –Official PlayStation Magazine

"The best football game we have ever seen 97%" –Play Magazine

ECTS Interactive Entertainment Awards 1999 Winner


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Soccer theme.