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    playstation 1

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     1 or 2 Players

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International Superstar Soccer Pro (also known as Winning Eleven '97 in Japan and Goal Storm '97 in USA) is a football simulation game released in June, 1997 by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. It was the first from the ISS series to hit the Playstation platform. The game features a 32 international teams, 4 different stadiums, 13 team formations along with 8 unique strategies and a choice of Exhibition Mode, International League, International Cup and a Penalty Kick mode. It can be played as a one or two player game. It gained very high reviews which consider ISS Pro as the most playable soccer video game on Playstation of that time.

The game was well-known for its comical commentary, voiced by Peter Brackley. Some examples of this included:

* "Well, the goalkeeper had to save that one."
* "He's got lead in his boots today."
* "Rather him than me."
* "That was a studs up challenge if ever I saw one."
* "With not much cloud cover, they would probably play from the light of the moon!"
* "What a poor example of poor officials."
* "Already 20-seconds into the game and still no real action!"
* "That boy's got a steel skull!"
* "IT'S A THROW IN TO ... Italy."
* "He must have double-vision to be shooting like that!"

International Superstar Soccer Pro includes 35 different international teams based more likely on their real equivalents of season 1996/1997 with accurate home, away and goalkeeper kits featuring manufacturer logos and national emblems. The line-up of each team consists of 16 fictional players.

  Manufacturer's description:

This is it - the best soccer game to hit a console just got better. We've taken everything you love about the International Superstar Soccer series and improved it. Great playability, stunning rendered polygon players, 32 international teams, a choice of stadia, 13 team formations and 8 unique strategies add up to the most realistic, the most playable, soccer game available for PlayStation. Superstar Soccer just turned professional.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Soccer theme.