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    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     Frontier Developments Ltd

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     UBI Soft Entertainment

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     1 Player

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    english french german italian unknown spanish

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    n / a
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In the game you drive an upgradeable buggy, an experimental vehicle, named ACAM. It can be transformed into six different shapes; you can turn it into an aircraft, or even a hovercraft. You have to shoot aliens with flashy weapons, collect resources such as Crystals, Energy Spheres and lost scientists. So you as single human hero must put evil aliens in their place and introduce them to his plasma cannon.

Infestation is best described as a vehicular combat and exploration game. The single player experience consists of a mission-based campaign that will take you through 22 different worlds as you attempt to secure the human colonies. As the hero, you're relegated to drive a futuristic morphing vehicle with tremendous abilities. The rig features five vehicle modes to switch between when necessary, including Buggy, Armoured Truck, Multi-Terrain Hovercraft, Helijet and Super Fast Skimmer modes.

At the beginning of the game, the vehicle only sports the buggy mode. New modes for the vehicle are obtained as power-ups, purchased in your factories. Each of the modes feature unique handling characteristics, such as the ability to move at ridiculous speeds (Skimmer) or the ability to negotiate high-reaching mountains (Helijet). Despite such characteristics, you'll probably find yourself defaulting to the buggy, a mode which is by far the easiest to handle and most efficient in combat. In fact, outside of the training mission, you'll find that the special abilities that the other modes possess don't come in handy that often.

* Five vehicle modes - switch between a range of vehicles to solve different mission problems
* Twenty two worlds - each very different, and with varied puzzles to solve to dispose of the alien infestation
* Research alien technology - use your scientists to acquire alien knowledge and devices
* Varied devastating weapons - try attaching limpet mines to alien craft as they return to their base

  Manufacturer's description:

The year is 2237... An alien race intent on wiping out mankind is staging a series of attacks via a network of space gates. Your mission: Seek out and destroy these alien invaders.

- 5 mode morphing vehicles (buggy, armoured truck, hovercraft, heli-jet and skimmer modes).
- 15 unique weapons ncluding plasma bolts, guided missiles and grenades.
- 30+ different species of aliens to defeat.
- 22 vast action packed worlds!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.