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 Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon

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    playstation 1

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     Eidos Interactive

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Baron Sukumvit is a little on the crazy side. As the tyrannical ruler of Fang, also known as the Town of Lost Souls, he created a dungeon filled with devious traps and summoned horrific monsters to stalk the dark hallways. At the end of the dungeon sits Melkor the Red Dragon waiting to feast upon poor, unsuspecting victims.

As a gambling man, Baron welcomes anyone and everyone to the town of Fang as long as they try and outsmart his trap-filled dungeon. If any adventurer is successful, they will be awarded a price of 10,000 gold pieces and free the town from his dictatorship. Seventeen of the world's bravest warriors have taken the challenge, none of which have been seen since.

This is where you come in. Assuming the role of either Red Lotus or Chaindog, players must enter the dungeon and ultimately slay Melkor. The citizens of Fang are praying for your safety; defeat the dungeon and the various evils found within and they will be free from Baron's iron-fist tyranny. You are their last chance -- prepare to enter Deathtrap Dungeon!

Based on Ian Livingstone's best-selling novels, Deathtrap Dungeon is played from a 3rd person perspective ala Tomb Raider. Using either character, players will be required to jump across dangerous platforms, destroy over fifty kinds of evil monsters (spiders, serpents, dragons -- oh my), and avoid any and all traps. There are twenty different dungeons/levels in all, each with unique challenges and exploration opportunities.

Because of the trap-filled nature of gameplay, there are a variety of puzzles found within each level. Many puzzles involve flipping a switch at point A to open a door at point B. Some levers unlock hidden doors or treasures essential for progression. Adventurers must practice caution as some switches activate traps that will put an end to your character's crusade!

Battles are handled in real-time meaning the player has a few different options. Upon coming in contact with an enemy, he or she can either run or stick around to fight it, depending on how much health and what weapon they have. Baron left a variety of weapons in his dungeon ranging from flamethrowers, swords, bludgeoning hammers, and muskets. If your character has run out of ammo, or has no other weapons, their bare hands can be used to attack.

Will you have what it takes to save the town of Fang and escape the dungeon alive? Get your thinking caps on and grab a weapon, this is Deathtrap Dungeon!

  Manufacturer's description:

Deathtrap Dungeon, the Beginning

Fang, City of Lost Souls, once known as the City of Plenty. Years ago darkness filled the sky in the shape of Melkor the Red Dragon. Old and steeped in malice, it rained fire and destruction upon the peaceful inhabitants of Fang. Melkor enslaved the people to its will, oppressing them with fearful ferocity, feeding on them, and stealing their wealth. He forced them to build a labyrinth, deep in the hillside above Fang. The Dragon made it his lair, and filled it with all kinds of tricks, traps and loathsome monsters to guard him. Baron Sukumvit, once the ruler of Fang, tried to free his city from the terror of the dragon. He let it be known that anyone who slew the dragon would receive a great reward. Ever since, warriors and heroes have tried to overcome the trials of the labyrinth and kill Melkor. Survival is unlikely, yet many take the risk, for the prize is great - a purse of 10,000 Gold Pieces. The first year, seventeen brave warriors attempted "The Walk" , as it later came to be known. Not one reappeared. You have decided that you will attempt "The Walk", for the reward, or perhaps to free the people of Fang from the evil Dragon, and to avenge those that have suffered under his foul dominion.

For three days you enjoy Fang's greatest hospitality and are treated like a demi-god - you may be the citizen's saviour, and they are grateful. Nevertheless, you cannot help but notice that the celebrations have the air of a wake around them - your wake. Then the day of your trial dawns. A trumpet call awakens you from vivid dreams of flaming pits and giant black spiders. It is time.

Ahead you see the looming hillside and the dark mouth of a tunnel disappearing into its inner depths. As you approach, you notice two great stone pillars on either side of the tunnel entrance. The pillars are covered with ornate carvings: writhing serpents, demons, deities, each seeming to scream a silent warning to those who would pass beyond them.

You see Baron Sukumvit himself standing by the entrance, waiting to wish you well, along with a great throng of townsfolk. You turn to face the silent crowd. To them, you are their last hope. But you can tell from their faces that they do not expect you to succeed. After all, many have tried, and many have died. Even the great Dragon himself does not seem to mind these attempts to destroy him. It is said he enjoys the 'sport'. Nevertheless, you are sure of your abilities, for you are strong and fast, and undefeated in battle.

You take in a final deep breath of cool fresh air before turning to pass between the stone-pillared gateway into the dragon's corridors of power, to face unknown perils on "The Walk" through the deadly Deathtrap Dungeon.

Based on Ian Livingstone's multi-million unit selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Deadly combat with 55 monstrous characters from Orcs and Dragons, to Mummies and Zombies. Full 3D gameplay with an intuitive 3rd person camera angle system. 10 tortuous levels, each an enormous sweeping map of mazes, corridors, dungeons, and traps. Frantic close-quarters combat with swords, hammers, spell casting, muskets, and as a last resort, your bare hands! Deviously designed traps including covered pits, hidden corridors, false floors, hails of arrows, and moving spikes. Network and modem play option for up to 4 players. Atmospheric dynamic lighting system.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.