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    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     ITE Media

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     ITE Media

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     1 or 2 Players

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    norweigan swdish

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    n / a
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The first two Playstation games of Hugo are ports of the old Amiga games.

The charming little Troll - Hugo - must fight the evil witch Scylla, who has captured Hugo's family and is trying to steal Hugolina's Beauty (Hugo's wife). You must help Hugo in his mission to overcome the terrifying traps and deadly dangers lying ahead of him, in order to defeat the wiles of the wicked witch, Scylla, and thereby save his family.

Hugo PlayStation, the adventures of Hugo...

In Hugo 1 PlayStation, the player must help Hugo in such different scenarios as: Plane, in which Hugo must avoid the balloons with deadly bombs, Skateboard, in which Hugo must avoid rocks and steep holes plus a lot more - 7 scenarios in total before Hugo finally reaches the Mountain where he can free his family.

  Manufacturer's description:

Now in Playstation!

Hugo's back with more levels than ever. New fantastic adventures awaits you, while you guide Hugo through different deathly dangers. But the great question is: Will you be able to rescue Hugo's family and return peace to the woods?


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fantasy theme.