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 Heart of Darkness

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    playstation 1

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     Amazing Studios

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_00465 & SLES_104.65

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The eternally delayed Heart of Darkness has finally made its way to the PlayStation gaming console! One day, as Andy was in the park with his dog Whiskey, strange things started to happen. Almost in an instant, a vortex to some undiscovered realm opened up and sucked the poor doggie in. Determined to get his pooch back, Andy hopped in a homemade flying contraption and set off on a journey; where he was going, he did not know.

On his way to this unknown world, Andy was met with some resistance and crash-landed into a wall of pure granite. Upon meeting up with a creepy monster, it was easy to see things were not kosher; this Land of Darkness has been overrun by horrific shadow monsters working in service of the Master of Darkness. It is the player's objective to ultimately destroy this evil nemesis, save Whiskey, and return home with both lives in tact.

Heart of Darkness was created and developed by the team responsible for Out of this World. Taking place throughout 127 different locations and eight distinctive worlds, each side-scrolling screen features a unique challenge or puzzle that must be solved in order to progress. Most challenges involve climbing walls, jumping between platforms, and shooting a specific object or multitudes of creatures.

The latter part of that statement is very important to survival; shadow monsters will often attack Andy in droves. Fortunately, he brought along a Plasma Cannon that can be shot in seven different directions. As he progresses through the various worlds and meets up with strange but helpful creatures, ordinary and special powers are learned (sort of like magic).

When he's not destroying hordes of enemies, the hero must navigate the environments carefully. Andy can climb up walls, duck under certain objects, execute long and short jumps, push objects, etc. Each skill must be used accordingly; when there's a small hole to jump across, use the short jump -- using the long jump could prove to be fatal if there's a slew of enemies waiting for you on the other side!

Heart of Darkness ships on two CDs and makes use of full-motion video sequences by blending them into the actual gameplay. It also comes with a pair of 3D glasses to further enhance the experience.

* Non-stop, intense action and challenging puzzles throughout eight huge levels.
* Over 30 minutes of cinematics fluidly merge with the gameplay to draw players in until they are hooked.
* Unrepetitive! Every level looks different. A new skill or strategy is required every level to find Whisky.
* Rich detail, perfect in every way: Heart of Darkness looks more like a painting than your typical 3D character game.
* Shadows are calculated based on the surroundings and distort when they are cast upon extended objects like rocky mountain walls or rippling water.
* Object textures are designed specifically for the object they represent so everything in the environment can be identified.
* Over 2000 frames of animation just for Andy, so he moves smoothly whether he's sneaking across a bridge or swimming through murky waters.
* Thrilling story-line with lovable characters that have a great sense of humor.
* Seamless transitions between gameplay and animated sequences that result in innovative interactions between Andy and the other characters.
* Original score composed by Bruce Broughton (Silverado, Miracle on 34th Street) and recorded by a full symphonic orchestra.
* Dedicated sound effects and extraordinary high-quality sound system allowing to output 16 stereo channels.

  Manufacturer's description:

Hidden away in the Heart of Darkness lies a terrifying world. A world ruled by the Master of Darkness whose cruel and absolute power leads an army of emaciated devils. The fiendish force scours the land in search of Andy, a young boy on a quest to rescue his dog Whiskey.

Trapped in a terrifying nightmare, only you can take Andy through hundreds of epic encounters to overcome a whole host of wonderfully weird characters and emerge triumphant from the Heart of Darkness.
* 176 locations and over 30 minutes of seamless film action.
* Climb, swing, twist, and swim around 8 worlds of stunning environments packed with puzzles and fiendish traps.
* Developed by the creators of Out of This World.
* Music by Bruce Boughton, performed by the London Symphony.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Fantasy themes.