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 Guilty Gear

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  • Piattaforma:

    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     Team Neo Blood / Arc System Works

  • Editore:

     Virgin Interactive

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     1-2 Players

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    n / a
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You get to choose from 10 different characters in Guilty Gear, each with his or her own set of moves and special attacks. Moves are carried out in typical fighting game style (button combinations) and the game handles very well. All the characters are pretty much balanced and fair except some moves are a bit too excessive. A few characters can execute attacks that really take off way too much damage and this is real the problem with the game.

As for the characters themselves, superb is the only way to describe them. Not only are they animated wonderfully, but they look great as well. Each one is diverse looking and has their own unique fighting stance. They are all pretty original in their own ways which is a definite plus. And while you are playing the game with the character of your choice, you will notice a bar on the lower portion of the screen.

This is the "rage" meter which is very similar to the bar in Samurai Showdown. Whenever your character gets hit or takes damage, the meter begins to fill up. When it becomes full, your character will become stronger and enraged, allowing you to dish out a serious beating. This aspect is one of the reasons why fighting is so good in Guilty Gear.

It's extremely challenging, fast and furious! And when I say extremely challenging, I mean just that and it shouldn't be taken lightly. The AI in this game is rough and harsh and the computer will destroy you a lot. And at times, it can get very frustrating. But this is what the good fighters are made of; they're not supposed to be easy.

  Manufacturer's description:


* The most technically advanced 2-D PlayStation game console game of all time! Unique compression engine allows for an unprecedented number of frames per character!
* 10 playable characters plus hidden bosses!
* The final stage of evolution in 2-D fighting!
* Unique new gameplay systems including the fearsome "Instant Kill!"
* Insane anime character design!
* Ultra-hardcore metal soundtrack!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Fighting theme.