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    playstation 1

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     Game Arts

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_02397 & SLES_123.97

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In the world of Parm, the world's known secrets have dwindled to precious few. The adventurers of old, so respected for uncovering the secrets, are being put out to pasture in favor of scientific exploration.

Grandia's main hero is Justin, the son of an adventurer who isn't content to just let the world move on. He's lusting for adventure, and with the help of his friends and a mysterious artifact his dad left him, he's set for the most important adventure in the history of Parm.

Along with his childhood friend Sue and her pet Puffy, they set off on their unknown adventure. Though ridiculed by some of the townsfolk, Justin maintains he'll be a great adventurer someday; little does he know, someday will come very soon.

The young adventurers start questioning why there's so many scientific explorations being conducted. More importantly, what does the Garlyle Forces, a private army, have to do with them? The once respected General Baal, leader of the army, has been acting in a very peculiar manner; what exactly is it he's looking for? As Justin, it is the player's objective to uncover the mysterious secrets that lie within Grandia's vast world.

Grandia is a set in a fantasy world where societies thrive in an era of increasing technological developments following the collapse of the ancient Angelou civilization centuries before. General Baal, leader of the militaristic Garlyle Forces, along with his son Colonel Mullen and Mullen's love interest Lieutenant Leen, make their way to an arcaeological site where treasures of the ancient people are believed to be resting. Justin, a young boy keen on adventure who lives in the port town of Parm just outside the dig site, travels to the area along with his friend Sue to investigate, as well as gather clues about an artifact left by Justin's missing father, the Spirit Stone. Slipping past the Garlyle soldiers into the ruins, Justin finds a holographic device that displays the image of a women named Liete, who tells him that his stone holds great power, and he must travel far to the east in search of Alent, the ancient city of knowledge, to learn of its true potential. Returning home, Justin avoids his mother and sneaks out to the docks early the next day to board a ship bound for the New World across the ocean while promising to become a great adventurer like his father.

Grandia, originally released on the Sega Saturn console, features several twists on the usual role-playing formula. Rather than using a random-encounter methodology, it offers visible critters that will actively patrol any given area. Players are then given the option to either avoid the enemy or engage in battle; running away will often result in the enemy chasing you around the map.

Combat is conducted upon making contact with any given enemy. Depending on how the encounter was handled, the enemies and your party members will line up accordingly with the terrain. From there, players may utilize magical spells (provided your characters have magical abilities), weapons, or combination attacks with other characters. Both the magic and weapon systems rely on leveling through character usage -- the higher a character's level, the stronger he/she is.

Players may also buy various things such as weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items. Taking on a more traditional aspect, each character can wear a variety of helmets, chest armor, boots, and shields. Buying newer, better armor is important as your characters will be better prepared for the oncoming/tougher battles. There are over 200 different weapons, each with their own unique uses (some with magical abilities).

Rather than obtaining magic through leveling, Justin and his party members can learn magic next to designated icons. In exchange for one Mana Egg, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth magic can be acquired; there are over 80 different spells, each with its own purpose and attributes.

Help Justin and his friends unlock the secrets of Grandia -- the world is counting on you. Make his father proud.

  Manufacturer's description:

Embark On An Unforgettable Journey

Travel across vast worlds and unravel the threads of an ancient legend in a quest that challenges your courage.

A luminous empire. An ominous secret. An unbelieveable, intriguing adventure.

Over 200 weapons, enemies and items to collect.

More than 80 magic spells and battle techniques.

A unique magic and character development system that puts your strategic skills to the test.

Warm and enchanting worlds each with their own architectural style.

Over 80 hours of gameplay. Can you solve the mysteries of Grandia?

"Grandia is different and completely's an RPG masterpiece!" - Game Informer


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy & SCI-FI themes.