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    playstation 1

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_00856 & SLES_108.56

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Prowl the skylines in your weapons-loaded DASA Kamov gunship as you get set to create mayhem among a corrupted police force. Wreak helicopter havoc on ground and in the air, as you set out to battle menacing rebel ships and heavily armed vehicles on ground.

You take control of Jeff Slater, a member of the G-Police who's reason for entering the voluntary cause wasn't because of the usual do-gooders or veterans with too much time on their hands reasons. See your sister was one of these do-gooders in the force, but unfortunately she was murdered under some corporate cover up, after she cracked a big case.

The inquiry into her death was closed and resolved as a suicide, but this just didn't fit. Why would someone who had received so much acclaim for closing such a big corporate case kill themself, the real signs just didn't point towards a suicide. This is why you are now a member of the G-Police, and your mission is not to patrol crime, but to get to the bottom of all the secrecy and uncover what really happened to your sister.

Take control of the heavily armed Havoc, piloting it through thirty-five strategic and combat-based missions. Witness storylines viewed through spectacular full motion video sequences. Prepare yourself to take on multitudes of futuristic street gangs, corrupt corporations making life hell, and espionage situations that have scaled in worry to dramatic proportions. And all this taking place over 51 stunning, real time, 3D cityscapes and environments.

G-Police is a competent 3D action-shooter, set over two epic CD's with heavy emphasis on trigger-happy action and strategic missions. Supports the PlayStation's Analog Controller and memory card.

  Manufacturer's description:

G-Police is a fast-paced, exciting 3D shoot 'em up, based in highly-populated 3D futuristic city landscapes. Colonies live in spectacular cities contained within huge geodesic domes. Earth’s resources are completely depleted, and the race is on to claim every ore-bearing rock in the solar system. War breaks out as opposing nations compete for ever-declining resources and expand their military capabilities in space. While multi-national corporations unite to exploit space, Earth’s coalition government creates a multi-national force to keep order in the colonies. The G-Police are born. Jeff Slater joins the G-Police to investigate the mysterious death of his sister, also a G-Police recruit.

Stretched over 35 missions, G-Police provides you with a unique opportunity to patrol the streets of a virtual city in a heavily-armed close air-support gunship. You patrol a densely populated cityscape complete with roads, transport vehicles, bridges, skyscrapers with AI controlled traffic and gun placement.

• Fast and furious gameplay
• Stunning in-game 3D graphics
• Unique and extensive gunship weaponry and spectacular SFX
• 35 missions in a variety of five geodesic domes
• Real-time 3D virtual cityscapes
• Incredible city lighting effects
• Cinematic computer-generated FMV sequences
• Movie-like narration with absorbing atmosphere
• Intriguing storyline with unexpected plot twists
• Progressive difficulty levels and training levels
• Highly-maneuverable flight model


  • First & third person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.