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 G-Police 2 - Weapons of Justice

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    playstation 1

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     Psygnosis Stroud Studio

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     1 Player

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Taking place only ten days after the events in the original G-Police, the sequel G-Police: Weapons of Justice centers around a group of small gangs in Callisto. The various gangs are taking advantage of the G-Police by exploiting their weakened and exhausted task force. With crime back on the rise, the city will have to pull through and pray for a miracle --- fortunately, they're prayers have been answered.

After an attempt to silence the terrorist organizations, your squad receives word of Marines being sent in to help with the current situation. Unfortunately, they're a few days away from the city and the G-Police can't keep things under control; the rivalry between good and evil heats up before their arrival.

When the Marines and their heavy firepower enter the city -- things are already too late. Those small gangs have turned into full-blown crime syndicates making the force of good's job much harder. Fortunately, your squad of officers has the upper hand -- the G-Police uses a variety of five attack choppers including the Venom and Havoc. Additionally, the Marines have supplied their Corsair cruise ship, Raptor, and Rhino --- a giant mechanized robot used for mass destruction and a heavily armed patrol vehicle, respectively.

Using these robots, your squad must patrol the streets and prevent any and all crime before it starts. G-Police: Weapons of Justice features a variety of mission based levels ranging from seek and destroy missions to routine police work procedures and setting up surprise attacks. There are thirty levels in all.

This game will have you communicating with squad members (aerial wingmen and ground force troops), setting up strategies, and destroying any and all resistance via air and ground assaults.

Are you up for the challenge?

  Manufacturer's description:

The war is over but the battle's just begun. Join the G-Police as they outgun and outrun their deadliest enemies yet in street, air and space combat.

5 heavily armed vehicles to control-the Venom and Hovoc gunship helicopters, the deadly Raptor ground-attack mech, the Corsair superfast space-cruiser and the Rhino armored patrol car.

Dogfight, dive, soar, hover, jump and race through 30 multi-tiered, explosive land and air-based combat missions.

25 different kinds of weapons including hyper velocity missiles, rapid-fire plasma cannons, cluster bombs and more!

Real-time, pre-cut sequences expertly link missions to immerse you into the dark, desperate G-Police world.

Feel the tension and danger as you explore of full 3D environment, from dangerous underground caverns to vast outerspace and everything in between.


  • First & third person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.