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    playstation 1

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     Kronos Digital Entertainment, Inc

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     Eidos Interactive

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_02167, SLES_12167, SLES_22167 & SLES_321.67

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Your mission is simple, yet complex: investigate Wee Ming Lam's disappearance, track her down, and bring her back alive. She disappeared days before her eighteenth birthday; it is believed Wee Ming has fallen into the vice of Shan XI Protectorate, a hedonistic cultist group. Failure is not an option as she is the daughter of a powerful Triad leader, a predominant political force in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lam has hired the services of three money-hungry mercenaries: Hana Tsu-Vachel, a young covert operative specializing in infiltration missions; the highly decorated ex-military officer Royce Glas; and Deke Decourt, a psychotically aggressive weapons expert with little knowledge of discretion. Together they will investigate the Lam family dynasty, infiltrate seedy criminal headquarters, and traverse through unimaginably horrific locations.

Using a revolutionary Motion FX technology, Fear Effect is an action-packed third-person adventure through a streaming world filled with problem solving, unreliable sources, mystery and suspense. Whereas Resident Evil's pre-rendered backgrounds are static, Fear Effect utilizes streaming data for an alive, cinematic feel; steam spews from broken pipes and lights flicker on and off producing shadows and spotlights.

Rather than featuring a traditional health based system, the Fear Meter relays the overall fear of Hana and her mercenary companions. As tension builds (walking through dimly lit hallways and coming in contact with enemy forces), Hana's breathing becomes increasingly heavy and the heart beats at a faster pace. The Fear Meter displays algorithms based on color; whereas green reflects a sense of calmness, red signifies an extreme intensity where Hana is killed with a single gunshot.

Stressful situations are overcome with common sense and caution. Because Hana is an infiltration expert, players should do their best to remain unseen; enemy detection and running out of ammunition during a gunfight significantly increases the Fear Meter. Confidence is regained by collecting important inventory items, solving hazardous puzzles, and overcoming enemies using stealth.

Enemy confrontations are handled with a dynamic targeting system. When the targeting icon appears, Hana has locked an enemy in her sights and can successfully eliminate the target. Represented by a red targeting icon, players can execute one shot kills by sneaking around enemies and remaining unseen. Weapons include pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns with a series of melee weapons pertaining to a given character; Hana slices enemies with a knife, Deke pummels them with brass knuckles, and Glas uses a Smak-Jack.

Fear Effect also utilizes a unique action system for solving puzzles and overcoming various obstacles. When a character comes in contact with an interactive item, the Action Indicator flashes a corresponding action; usable items are prompted with a take icon, ladders are climbable, and you can look at TV monitors. Important items are stored in a comprehensive inventory system that players can pull up at anytime without disrupting the action.

Overcoming problems and puzzles is important for story progression and the confidence of your character. Logically placed into the given environment, puzzles incorporate using the correct keycard on the corresponding door, replacing burnt fuses, and defusing bombs by snipping the correct wires. There are also timed and reflexive puzzles where one false move signifies the destructive and violent demise of Hana, Glas, or Deke.

  Manufacturer's description:

It can recognize your fear...can you?
Days before her eighteenth birthday, the quiet, enigmatic Wee Ming Lam, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Hana, Glas, and Deke, three self-motivated and ruthless mercenaries conspire to track her down and ransom her off to her father, Mr. Lam, the most powerful Triad leader in Hong Kong, for a large sum of cold, hard cash.

What begins as a simple extortion mission to retrieve the young runaway becomes a lesson in survival against the most unimaginable of enemies.

Immerse yourself in this intense thriller featuring revolutionary Motion FX technology where you direct your cast of 3D characters within dynamic, full-motion-video worlds. Who lives? Who dies? Only you decide, if you can...

Control Your Fear


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.