playstation 1  Evil Dead - Hail to the King


 Evil Dead - Hail to the King

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    playstation 1

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     Heavy Iron Studios

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    survival horror

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_03428 & SLES_134.28

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Based on the movie series starring Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead: Hail to the King features a mix of action, puzzles, and suspense. Set eight years after the third film, you are Ash, who is being drawn back to the cabin in the woods. So grab your boomstick (shotgun) and chainsaw because it is time to save the world again from the forces of evil. Gameplay allows Ash to attack separately with weapons in both his left and right hands.

It continues the ongoing saga of Ash and the Necronomicon, or the Book of the Dead. Open the Necronomicon, and battle all the Kandarian demons, ruthless deadites, and unspeakable monsters that it can spew out.

There are over 20 enemies to combat in a variety of dark settings such as the cabin, cellar, and bridge. Bruce Campbell also lends his voice to the game for some humorous one-liners.

Taking place after Army of Darkness, Ash returns to the evil woodland cabin -- big mistake. In a nutshell, the chainsaw-toting hero must save his new girlfriend while destroying the vile Deadites and other horrific critters; the ominous force has possessed innocent campers and turned the woods into a breeding ground for the dead. Although Evil Dead: Hail to the King incorporates an original plot with new environments (acting as the third sequel).

# Voice acting by Bruce Campbell, star of Evil Dead movie trilogy
# Game continues saga 8 years after last movie installment
# Story unfolds via prerendered sequences and in-game cutscenes
# Contains trilogy's trademark gore, suspense, and humor
# Ash battles with chainsaws, axes, and shotguns, with both hands simultaneously

  Manufacturer's description:

* Chainsaws, Boomsticks, and Deadites, Oh My!
* Slice and dice the undead with a weapon in each hand.
* Fight evil across the spans of time: from the infamous cabin to ancient Damascus.
* Over 20 grisly, evil deadites attempt to swallow your soul!
* Best of all ... Bruce Campbell as Ash!

Hail to the King!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Horror theme.