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 Disney's Goofy's Fun House

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    playstation 1

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     The Code Monkeys Ltd

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     Ubisoft / NewKidCo LLC

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    mini games

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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Goofy comes to PlayStation for fun and laughs in Disney's Goofy's Fun House. Taking place in Goofy's colonial style cartoon home, this title includes six classic Goofy cartoons for viewing. Goofy has five pictures hanging on display in the viewing room of his home, each with three missing elements. Players help him locate these by exploring the house and placing the elements in the proper pictures when they're found. When the pictures are complete, the associated cartoon becomes available to watch. A sixth, surprise picture is also made available by collecting a predetermined number of film canisters throughout the game.

Goofy's house has a garage, a basement, a main floor, an upstairs, and an attic for exploration, as well as a back- and front yard. From the viewing room, the game begins with a useful tip that the refrigerator will defrost if the furnace can be turned on. Players can then begin exploration of Goofy's house beginning with any room they choose. Objects that Goofy can interact with, such as the furnace and refrigerator, are highlighted. Some objects disclose missing picture elements, while others reveal hidden film canisters. The kitchen, Max's bedroom, a haunted attic, and a recreation room are some of the other areas that players can explore.

Mini-games are also available from different areas in the game. Some games only become available after certain related items are located. To play the fishing game that imparts the missing fish, players must first find the fishing rod in the basement and get a can of worms out of Goofy's backyard by soaking it with the sprinklers. All three items can then be returned to the corresponding picture so the cartoon for that picture can be viewed. Some mini-games, like the phone quiz, reward success with extra film canisters. Collecting enough film canisters (50 for "easy," 60 for "difficult") will reveal a sixth picture on Goofy's viewing room wall that provides access to a bonus cartoon.

Classic cartoons include "Art of Skiing" and "The Blue Ribbon." The game includes 15 different environments and five challenging minigames.

* Exploration adventure for ages 4 and up
* Multiple skill levels
* 15 detailed environments and 6 classic Goofy cartoons
* 5 challenging minigames, including skiing, driving, and tug of war
* For 1 player

  Manufacturer's description:

Great 3D Game Play & Classic Cartoons!

Goofy's prized photographs are missing some items. Can you help him find them? It's Goofy Good time as you search all throughout the house and yard trying to find such items as... fishing rods, boxing gloves, skis, and more.

Once you've located them, return them to the photos hanging on the wall and be treated to a real surprise by Goofy. Tons to do - fish in the lake, play a round of golf, ski a slalom course, race your car through town, and lots more. Your reward? After completing each challenge, view a classic Disney cartoon!

* 15 environments to explore
* 5 challenging mini games
* 6 classic Goofy cartoons


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Cartoon & Fantasy themes.