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 Disney's Dinosaure

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    playstation 1

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     Sandbox Studios

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     UBI Soft Entertainment

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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Disney's Dinosaur covers the exploits of a dinosaur that managed to fall off the beaten path. It seems that as an egg, Aladar was stolen and then accidentally dropped onto an island populated by lemurs. The colony took in the little dinosaur and raised him as their own. Players will get to take Aladar and his friends, Zini and Flia, on a journey across 12 different stages.

Each of the friends possesses different abilities so players will have to exercise strategy and teamwork to navigate through each level. Want to smash a rock? You'll need Aladar's tail. If you need something airlifted, however, Flia is the only pteranodon in town. Players will have to avoid enemies and traps in this overhead 3D game while they gather items and accomplish level goals. Aladar wants to get back with his own species, but there are carnivores and other more pernicious things lying in wait.

  Manufacturer's description:

Based on the movie of the same name, DINOSAUR follows the adventure of three ancient animals: Aladar, the iguanasaur; Flia, the pteradon; and Zini, a lemur. Each character has special abilities—Aladar can smash stones and trees to create weapons, Flia can fly, and Zini can store and throw stones. Navigating the game’s 11 levels requires utilizing all of these special skills.

There are stages where the heroes try to rid their island of all the carnivores and deal with the aftermath of a meteor shower. Stunning full-motion video sequences from the movie enhance the plot as you fight the good fight. DINOSAUR was an epic movie, and now it is an epic game for the PlayStation.

* Based on the movie.
* Three playable characters; each character has special abilities.
* 11 levels.
* Video sequences from the movie.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Dinosaurs theme.