playstation 1  Dexter Laboratory Mandark's Lab?



 Dexter Laboratory Mandark's Lab?

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  • Piattaforma:

    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     Red Lemon Studios

  • Editore:

     BAM! Entertainment

  • Genere:

    mini games

  • Numero di giocatori:

     1 or 2 Players

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    n / a
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Cartoon Network's boy genius Dexter is trying to save his laboratory from his archival Mandark in Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab? Mandark has infiltrated Dexter's lab and reprogrammed his computer, so players must help Dexter win it back by completing this adventure game covering four areas comprised of Dexter's house and his laboratory.

In each area there are two mini-games and four hidden blueprint pieces to one of Dexter's inventions that give him an advantage in each of the mini-games. Both Dee Dee's Dance Off, which has players pressing buttons in time to music, and Cootie Call where Dexter exterminates flying cootie bugs, take place in Dee Dee's bedroom. What's Buggin' Dexter, a foot race between Dexter and a bug that could potentially infect his computer, takes place in his computer's circuit board, and Dexter's Dodgeball takes place in the school yard with Dexter targeting school bullies with playground balls.

Discovering blueprint pieces and solving the puzzle awards players one of the eight blueprint collectibles: The Disco Exo Suit, Super Cootie Atomizer, Suck-O-Matic 3000, Electromagnetic Power Beam, Mock 4 Cart, Dodge Ball Power Pod, Incenutron, and Mixtron. Upon locating all blueprints and triumphing over each mini-game, Dexter will be able to regain control of his lab.

The game also has a two-player challenge mode available for each mini-game. Though only two mini-games are available from the beginning, by completing each area in the one-player adventure game, the additional mini-games become available for two-player challenges. The mini-games each have a difficulty setting option that can be increased after each successful completion.

Another feature is Dexter's vault where he stores secret images that become available for viewing as the game progresses.

  Manufacturer's description:

Could this be the end of Dexter's Laboratory? The evil Mandark has infiltrated Dexter's Laboratory and is intent on its destruction. Using a combination of wits, courage & skill Dexter must embark on a thrilling quest of mini games to regain control of his laboratory.

- Master thrilling experiments and inventions as you race through 4 fantastic levels of Dexter's Laboratory.
- Play 8 hilarious and challenging mini games including Dee Dee's Dance Off, Cootie call, Up 'N atom, Dexter Doge Ball and more.
- Battle in 2 player mode to prove who is the true scientific genious - you or your friends.
- Collect blueprints throughout the game to access special inventions.


  • Third & first person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Science & TV Cartoon themes.