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 CyberTiger / Cyber Tiger

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    playstation 1

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     EA Redwood Shores

  • Editore:

     Electronic Arts

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     1-4 Players

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    english french german swdish spanish

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    n / a
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CyberTiger from Electronic Arts follows in the footsteps of Hot Shots Golf, NFL Blitz and NBA Jam allowing for a unique twist on the world of sports, for the fan that does not really want to "play by the rules."

Playing as either Tiger Woods or one of your own creations, you get to play on Spyglass Hill, the featured golf course in the game. After winning in the Career mode you can unlock the other championship courses. The Career mode allows you to start out as a kid and earn your way to being an adult. You start off on the Junior Tour as a young golfer playing in a one-round tournament. After that you compete in three more tournaments. Winning any one of them allows you to go to the Amateur Tour where you must win one of two events to qualify for the Pro Tour. After that you can start earning cash.

CyberTiger includes Power-Up Balls which allow you to save yourself in desperate times or to give you an edge. Balls include "superballs" that bounce on any terrain, and eyeballs that go straight during their flight. Other options include SuperDrive, hidden tricks, hidden golfers and power-ups. The game also introduces: Tiger Control, which allows you to put spin (topspin and backspin) on the ball while it's in flight; real-time analog swing and ball control; and the ability to fade or draw.

CyberTiger supports vibration feedback devices as well as analog control. In addition, two blocks of memory are required for saving and a Multi Tap compatible adapter is needed for a game that's up to four players.

  Manufacturer's description:

Rip up the Rules Book! Anything Goes!


* Tons o' Golfers: Create your own golfer to take on CyberTiger and many other characters
* Fast and Fun Gameplay: Real-time analog swing and ball control – Hit a fade or a draw, add topspin or backspin, all in mid-flight
* Career Mode: Start out as a kid and earn your way to being an adult
* See It and Sink It: Exaggerated view helps to read the green and sink the money putt
* More Ways to Get on the Green: Superdrives, hidden tricks, hidden golfers and all the power-ups you can handle


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Golf theme.