playstation 1  CT Special Forces 2 - Back to Hell


 CT Special Forces 2 - Back to Hell

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    playstation 1

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     Hip Games

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     1 Player

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CT Special Forces 2 continues the terrorist blasting action found in its predecessor, which appeared on both the original PlayStation and Game Boy Advance platforms. The number of worlds to explore has been upped to five, with a total of 20 levels available to shoot through.

Once again, players will be able to control four different commandos as they outfit them with shotguns, bazookas, knives, and more. More than 12 enemy types will challenge them on the ground and in the air, with paratroopers and rival helicopters filling the unfriendly skies as tanks and grunts patrol the varied terrain.

CT Special Forces 2 is a side-scrolling action/adventure game where you play apart of an elite forces. You have many weapons at your disposal and a large amount of missions.
Some may think it is a clone of Metal Slug but this game needs at least a little strategy to dominate over the enemies.

The enemies may be easy to kill but if you're not careful the enemies can still take you down. That is a very good aspect since you won't feel that you're invincible and you control the game.

The difficulty depends on how you play. You can just shoot like crazy but you'll die fast (making it a hard game.) You can slowly approach the enemy, utilizing the many different weapons and take them out without losing as much health (making it an easier game).

  Manufacturer's description:

Elite Squad is back: Terrorists, your time is up! Excusive game modes included such as sniper, rescue and parachute jump. Exceptional game longevity with more than 20 different levels and dozens of different enemies to engage in combat! All the Special Forces vehicles are at your disposal: Tanks, jeeps and helicopters - all the modern warfare weaponry available!


  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Counter-terrorist theme.