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    playstation 1

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     1 Player

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    n / a
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    SLES_00862 & SLES_108.62

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As tends to be the case when humanity's future is extrapolated, two sides are embroiled in an inter-galactic conflict and the outcome will decide the fate of mankind. In this case, it's a civil war between The Earth Empire and the League of Free Worlds. Humanity, having long since drained the planet Earth of its resources, has ventured out into the far reaches of space, colonizing planets and destroying those who would stand in its way. Sick of the cruel treatment at the hands of the despotic Tzar, the colonies revolt. Taking place a few months after the battle of Beney, players assume the role of a generic, faceless, rookie pilot determined to aid the fight for freedom in any way possible.

An action-oriented space-simulation, Colony Wars charges players with completing 70 different missions that range in scope from patrol, scouting, and escort to all-out offensive campaigns against fleets of frigates and smaller fighters. Depending on your battle prowess (or lack thereof), you'll take on new and unique missions. Failure will see your mission tree branch off in a direction where your past failures come into play. Successfully completing a mission, however, will allow you to continue on the pre-ordained path.

Your ship is equipped with primary and secondary weapons; the former run the gamut from lasers to EMP and plasma weapons, while the latter consist of missile and torpedo types. The various weapon types differ in effect. For example, some will only destroy shields, while others will damage the enemy craft itself. The numerous ships in which players will find themselves all vary in ability and ratings. Conventional rules apply here, with faster ships that pack less firepower and slower, heavier ships that are armed to the teeth. The camera can be switched between three different views, from a cockpit view to an external and an internal view, providing players with their desired perspective on the action. FMV sequences are interspersed throughout the title and, along with narrated mission briefings, help reveal the title's story. Colony Wars is also one of the first titles to support Sony's Dual Analog controller.

- Participate in non-linear story line; Mission outcomes affect future battles
- Protect convoys, attack enemy fleets, and more in 70 different missions
- Pilot a handful of varying spacecraft, each armed with weapons such as lasers, missiles and EMP

  Manufacturer's description:

Pilot stat-of-the-art military aircraft in a full-scale war for intergalactic supremacy taking place in over 60 'real world' missions. High-resolution 3D engine delivers movie-quality special effects and outstanding graphics.


  • Third or First person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.