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    playstation 1

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     Hasbro Interactive

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     Hasbro Interactive

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     1-2 Players

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    german italian french unknown

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    n / a
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Legend has it that every one hundred years, a swarm of armored beasts arise from the depths of the Earth's dark core in order to conquer the world. When the legend actually became a reality, we built the Shooter, a powerful flying machine capable of firing an infinite amount of shots. When the magic stick was called upon to choose a pilot for the vessel, it picked Wally Gudmunzsun, an ordinary, everyday bean counter.

Based on the Atari Arcade classic of the same name, Centipede for the PlayStation features an Arcade mode, which is similar to the original, and an all-new Adventure mode that takes the centipede-shooting action into a 3D world.

The Arcade mode is a non-scrolling, vertical shooting game in which you maneuver the Shooter in all directions throughout the lower quadrant of the screen. Multi-segmented centipedes crawl down the screen, weaving between various mushrooms. You can shoot the mushrooms in order to alter the playing field (get those centipedes within view) and earn some extra points. After a centipede is destroyed, a mushroom takes its place. In addition to the worm-like crawlers, there are other critters you can shoot including spiders, scorpions, and fleas.

On the other hand, the Adventure mode has you flying around 3D mushroom ridden fields, shooting creatures, centipedes, and of course, the 'shrooms. Centipede features 23 levels spanning four different worlds including Weedom, Frostonia, Infernium, and Evile -- home of Queen Pede. Players have the ability to adjust the camera for first-person shooting or top down action. Additionally, there are new power-ups for the Shooter including flame throwers, shields, rockets, missiles, and lob bombs.

Players also have the ability to power-up the laser with double shots, triple shots, side shots, ground skimmers, and airborne shots. There are a variety of new critters added to the mix including enforcer flies, borer bugs, and fire beetles. To earn some extra points in the Adventure mode, players can perform extra tasks such as rescuing the innocents and protecting buildings.

  Manufacturer's description:

Beat the bug! Pilot the Shooter across assorted landscapes in the fight to rescue the Wee people from their marauding insect enemies.

Take on the ultimate challenge as you battle against Queen Pede and her army of centipedes. You'll need every ounce of concentration and devastatingly sharp shooting skills in this addictive fast action shoot-em-up.

Special features include switching viewpoints, multiple power-ups and superb graphics, all set to a pumping soundtrack.

Multiple views put you as close to the action as you dare!
Classic Arcade and Adventure Game Variations
Fast action real-time 3-D shooter
Four Worlds / 23 levels
Change views on-the-fly


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Fantasy & Aliens themes.