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    playstation 1

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     SCi Entertainment Group

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     Virgin Interactive

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     1 or 2 Players

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    english german spanish french

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    n / a
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Carmageddon on the PlayStation is a totally unique experience from others titles in the double award winning Carmageddon series. Take your place as Max Damage and prepare for the race of your life. Progress through each race by whatever means possible; let nothing stand in your way. Your aim is out to out-race, out-kill and out-smash your opponents, if your aim is to place on top of the Carmageddon championship list.

"In 2135 a series of terrible environmental disasters spawned the worst ever plague suffered by humankind, over two thirds of the world's population was wiped out within a matter of weeks. Whole areas of the Earth became deserted."

"For the first time since human history began humankind's great cities were now empty, the streets echoing with cracking concrete and shattering windows. No longer did the Theme Parks roar with the sound of people, the only sound to be heard was the scurying of the rats. Mankind slowly began to recover -- creating vast sterile shelters where resources were so limited that everything was controlled by the government. Slowly humanity began to believe it could reclaim the world. But there was to be one last deadly surprise for the survivors. Government sponsored genetic research hadn continued since the 20th century and as the governments last research station was deserted as the disease spread the research was contaminated by the disease."

"From this spiteful combination of genetic research and the virulent disease the Zombies arose -- dreadful mockeries of human beings -- they prosposed in the diseased air and started to spread into empty human cities, mimicking the behaviour of the billions of dead humans. In the rapidly congested environmental domes the Government faced mass revolt. The people were becoming more and more bored. And the Government taking a leaf from the Romans of bygone days announced "The Carmageddon Race" a chance to win prestige and an escape from the over populated domes to the one unspoilt island in the world. The race was to be set in disease ridden cities and enclosures of the Earth."

The rules in Carmageddon are fairly basic, do whatever you like, whenever you like! Tips to follow however are to drive faster and more erratically than anyone else, smash your opponents senseless, splat all zombies you spot, don't worry about those generic "check points", and most importantly of all, do your own thing rather than worrying about silly tip lists.

Points are scored in Carmageddon generally by killing zombies artistically or just opting to splat them on your windshield in whatever way possible. Others ways of scoring include smashing into opponents and passing checkpoints to keep your time limit alive. Pick-ups are also important, and include such power-ups as armor, kangaroo springs, an instant handbrake, and various other offensive power ups and weapons.

A total of thirty levels have been included in Carmageddon, spreading across ten locations. These include a theme park, desert, city, graveyard, resort, racetrack, countryside course, arena, a course called twin shrieks and even an Aztec track. Training/Stunt levels are also made available to help you get a head start on your competition

Thirty vehicles are also offered, with ten never seen before all sporting ultra realistic physics that allow you literally fly through the air and skid around corners. Six new mission levels have also been included in the package, delivering increasingly detailed goals. Carmageddon is also available in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian), features a two-player Head To Head mode, allows for configurable controls, plus the addition of various other options.

In this version the game is censored. German text "Fahr Zur Hölle" ('Go to hell') is printed on front cover. As the game was heavily criticized due too high level of violence, this is a cut re-release which would also explain the 16+ ratings.

  Manufacturer's description:

Hold on to your body parts and take part in the Carmageddon, a smash and trash racing experience with no rules and a whole lot of attitude.

* Over 30 cars included.
* 10 sparkling new vehicles.
* Split screen for multi-player action.
* 30 Levels of motoring mayhem.
* 10 Fully explorable tracks 6 mission levels.


  • Third or First person perspectives.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Futuristic & Racing themes.