playstation 1  Bob Le Bricoleur - Reparer C'Est Gagne!


 Bob Le Bricoleur - Reparer C'Est Gagne!

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     Steel Monkeys

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Bob the Builder makes his PlayStation debut in a series of eight activities designed for children ages three and up. Each of the activities involves guiding one of the BBC television show's friendly construction vehicles or principal characters in the following tasks: Porcupine Rescue, Travis' Race Day, Plumbing Puzzle, Can We Build It? Bubble Trouble, Scary Spud, Wendy's Birthday, and Where's Pilchard? Each activity can be played at one of three difficulty settings to accommodate both younger and older players.

In Porcupine Rescue, players control the crane named Lofty as he fits pieces of pipe to match the shape of the underground tunnel so a family of porcupines can cross. Travis' Race Day involves racing against the cement mixer from an overhead view as either Scoop or Dizzy. Plumbing Puzzle consists of two activities where Bob must walk up to a radiator to fix leaks or repair old parts, while Can We Build It? Has players knocking down and then building a new bridge in two tasks featuring Lofty.

Bubble Trouble involves smoothing over bubbles in the pavement, and Scary Spud has players chasing away crows in Farmer Pickles' field. Wendy's Birthday is another activity divided into two parts. The first consists of a cake-building task where players decorate a cake with various toppings, candles, icing, and toy models. The second involves making Wendy dance using the control pad. Finally, Where's Pilchard? is a game of hide-and-seek as players listen to the cat's purring to help locate her whereabouts

- Choose activities by clicking on equipment in Bob's office
- Each activity includes voices and music from the television series
- Three difficulty levels help customize the challenge

  Manufacturer's description:

Get ready for fun, excitement and laughs non-stop with Bob the Builder and his team. Features eight minigames like Hedgehog Rescue, Travis' Race Day, Can we build it?, Wendy's Birthday, Plumbing Puzzle, Bubble Trouble, Scary Spud and Where's Pilchard?


  • Third & First person perspectives.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Educational theme.