playstation 1  Blaze & Blade - Eternal Quest



 Blaze & Blade - Eternal Quest

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    playstation 1

  • Sviluppatore:

     T&E Soft

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    action rpg

  • Numero di giocatori:

     1 or 2 Players

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    n / a
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Blaze And Blade is an action RPG where you control a party of four. Character creation allows you to define a player's behaviour as well as their abilities. Your goal is to venture into The Forbidden Land, formerly know as Foresia, and deliver the land from evil. Foresia has been inhabited by monsters and demons since the time of the twelve Wisemen. These monsters and demons often transform into useful items once destroyed.

Blaze & Blade is a role playing game where you and three other players can quest together or you can play with CPU-controlled characters. Battle the forces of evil in a fantastic 3D world where you can exchange weapons and even characters between the CPU and yourself.

Explore the lush surroundings of your environment in this non-linear adventure. Blaze and Blade, the first four-player RPG on PlayStation.

  Manufacturer's description:

Enter the Magical Land of Foresia, where you can participate in the adventures of four heroes who travel the land in search of fame and treasure. Discover Foresia's incredible landscape with all its dangerous monsters and secret locations. Walk the perilous paths into the numerous dungeons and prepare for the unknown!

16 different player characters.
400 items of armour, weaponry and other helpful accessories.
Solid and versatile 3D engine for smooth gameplay and a variety of camera angles to choose from.


  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.