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    playstation 1

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    soccer manager

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     1 or 2 Players

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LMA 2002 is the third in the Playstation football management series, and also the first to be released for Playstation 2.

The series has different titles in different regions: LMA Manager in the UK (named after the League Managers Association), BDFL Manager in Germany (Bund Deutscher Fußball-Lehrer, basically the German equivalent of the LMA), Manager de Liga in Spain, Football Manager Campionato in Italy, and FC Manager - La Passion du Foot in France since the 2006 edition (the French edition of the series was previously named Roger Lemerre - La Sélection des Champions after the former coach of the French national team).

The PS1 version features 8,000 players in 302 clubs, whilst PS2 expands this to 17,000 players in 722 clubs across the European leagues. Both platforms offer the choice of playing a full career or taking on one of 10 challenges, such as taking over the bottom-placed team mid-season and attempting to avoid relegation. Regardless of game mode, managers have access to detailed tactics and training settings, allowing you to work on players' weaknesses and build on their strengths.

The PS2 version lets you watch the full match in 3D, and both versions have a comprehensive highlights section, voiced on PS2 by real-life BBC analysts Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.

LMA 2002 was the final version in the series to be released on PSone, launched in October 2001. Although chiefly just an update from the 2001 version, the game did prove to be quite a stepping stone from the LMA of old and the LMA seen today. The transition to Playstation 2 was a remarkable one.

The first PlayStation 2 incarnation went under the same name when released in April 2002. A significant update from PS1, it allowed players to manage in one of six European leagues, all of which were processed by the game simultaneously (the top two divisions in Italy, Spain, Germany and Mukemmel Oyun By Recep Ertugrul Engi. France were added, in addition to the existing top four divisions in England and Scotland). On the PS2, matches played out in full in a 3D match environment, followed by post-match highlights voiced by famous BBC presenter Gary Lineker alongside the returning Hansen. The game play advanced in this game from the 2001 version, in particular the in-match style. Players tend to shoot early, from around thirty yards, rather than enter into the penalty area.

* Play in the style of classic football teams with pre-set tactical profiles
* Full european transfer market
* Direct your team from the dugout, making tactical changes and subs at any time
* Switch to the interactive TV channel for post-match results, analysis and highlights

  Manufacturer's description:

Strike for domestic or European glory with any English or Scottish league team. Play in the style of classic football teams with pre-set tactical profiles. Full European transfer market. Control club finances, coaching, stadium development and player management, or hire employees to do it for you. Direct your team from the dugout, making tactical changes and subs at any time. Switch to the Interactive TV channel for post-match results, analysis and highlights. Save out your best team for friendly matches on your mate's PlayStation. Check the opposition. Check out the action from the touchline. Features commentary by Alan Hansen; TV style replays. Improve your stadium. Plan match tactics.


  • First person perspective.
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Soccer Manager theme.